More Windows 11 controversy as Microsoft kicks some PCs from the Insider Program

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Windows 11

Windows 11 was just nothing more than speculation for the good half part of this year. Now it’s all everyone seems to be talking about and the bulk of that talk has focused on how you can get Windows 11 on your current PC, if you can even do that, acronyms like TPM and how the OS comes with so many onerous hardware requirements.

More Windows 11 controversy as older hardware PCs are told to go back to Windows 10

There was so much excitement around Windows 11 some people actually think it’s already out. A lot of guides have been made on how to get it on various PCs including unsupported ones so it’s easy to understand the confusion.The Operating System is actually being officially launched on 5 October next month.

Currently, the Operating System is still being tested and most people who have it on their PCs have managed to do so by joining the Windows Insider Program which allows people to test upcoming features of Microsoft’s Operating system among other things.

The Insider Program trick also allowed people to do something else. It allowed them to install and run Windows 11 on unsupported hardware that doesn’t meet Windows 11 rather an extensive list of demands. This meant older generations of machines could still run Windows 11 albeit suboptimally.

Now perhaps because Microsoft is done with the testing and getting ready for the actual release they have started making some rather controversial changes to the Windows 11 Insider Program. PCs with older hardware are now getting an error telling them they cannot run Windows 11 on their hardware or take part in the Windows Insider program anymore.

A screenshot of the error

Essentially what this error is saying is go back to Windows 10 because your PC doesn’t cut it. If this continues it means those who have been previously been able to install Windows 11 using the Insider Program loophole would have reached the end of the road.

Despite taking part in the Windows 11 testing program they will not get to enjoy it unless they get a new PC. In other words, you get to leave Egypt, Windows 10, trek through the desert of bugs and help Microsoft make Windows 11 better, but when you get to the edge of Canaan, at the entrance to Windows 11 paradise, you are told to go back to Egypt. Naturally, people are up in arms over this.


  1. Imi vanhu musadaro

    Very poor biblical reference, because you can continue participating so long as you have supported hardware. They did their preview and realised they cannot support that hardware. It is one of the objectives of insider previews, to test compatibility so at release they know where it will and won’t work performantly. A lot of these things are covered in the terms and conditions of participating in insider previews.

    A lot of the folks making noise actually do not give active feedback to the programme, they just want to show off a shiny new thing, screenshots and click bait blog posts, yet now they make it seem that the burden of the success of Windows 11 was squarely on their shoulders. 😂 They didn’t even struggle in the Egyptian jecha.

  2. Victoreloaded

    Will stick to my Windows 10 thank you very much😄

  3. Mcben Woodburn

    Time will tell. Zvichasvika kuZim properly but later. Tagara tirivemaEx Jap, ex what what. We still hooked on Win7 so haa tichipo

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