576MP: Samsung planning to beat human eye with insane camera

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Scientists estimate that the human eye has a resolution of about 576 megapixels. Samsung wants to make a camera that beats that by 2025.

Yes, besting the human eye is in sights people. About time, I felt the recently announced 200MP camera was child’s play. A 576MP camera is just what the doctor ordered.

A Samsung VP announced this ambitious goal in a presentation called ‘The Image Sensor Journey – To the Human Eye and Beyond.’

576MP in mobile photography context

That is one insane figure – 576MP. For context, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, released Q1 2021, has a 108MP camera. Two of its greatest competitors, the iPhone and the Pixel are rocking 12MP cameras.

Most reviewers agree that both the Pixel and the iPhone take better photos than the Galaxy with its larger sensor. Or at the very least compete well.

So, Samsung has not optimised its image processing software well. At least enough to undisputedly dominate the smartphone camera with its 108MP camera. As a result, I’m not too excited about the 576MP.

The old megapixel debate

We will always have the debate on how many megapixels are enough. It often feels like the law of diminishing returns sets in rather early. The benefit we get from each additional megapixel drops real quick.

The upcoming Pixel is rumoured to have a large 64MP camera. That should be interesting. Google has shown that it has the best image processing software and computational photography out there.

They dominated the mobile photography game with years old tech. And now with a brand-new large sensor, we will see whether the megapixel race is one worth running.

Why even bother with high megapixel counts?

More megapixels allow the taking of huge, super detailed full resolution photos which can be a game changer in editing. Also, higher megapixel count images look better on higher definition screens.

When the images are to be printed, more pixels is usually good.

Not every photo taken with the huge sensor needs to be full resolution though. Pixels can be combined into super-pixels. Thereby taking a lower resolution image but allowing for a brighter result.

That’s all well and good but Samsung say their ‘human eye’ will likely be used in autonomous vehicles, drones and IoT. Not mobile phones.

So, we are allowed to be excited about what will be groundbreaking technology then.


What’s your take?

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  1. Imi vanhu musadaro

    Mega pixels don’t matter, they should just use a 12MP sensor and a better image signal processor. 🤣

    1. Leonard Sengere

      Google and Apple have been embarrassing the megapixel fanboys for years now. 12MP chete.

  2. Skynet

    Machine vision applications for this tech make sense (hehe, no pun intended). It might even give Teslas the ability to tell an overturned truck from the sky!

    1. Leonard Sengere

      That will be a splendid use case. Had not considered it.

  3. Scorched earth

    Samsung is pathetic. Just have to improve their image processing lol. Google uses 6 year old, twelve MP sensors yet they still ahead of them. What a shame 😂

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