Local startup set to launch digital COVID-19 vaccination passport in November

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Hiclicker, COVID-19 Vaccination Digital Passport

Despite the QR code upgrade made to the COVID-19 vaccination cards, there has yet to be a digital version of the document. This is also compounded by the problem that we also don’t have a digital contact tracing platform. Well, a local startup called Hiclicker is looking to change that as it has announced that it will be launching a digital COVID-19 and contact tracing platform next month.

For those who have been around Techzim for a while the name Hiclicker will most certainly ring a bell. It was the startup that fought Econet Group because it said that the company stole the idea for what we now know as Sasai. The CEO of Hiclicker, Artwell Makumbe even shared the early concept model of their platform and you can check that out in the link below.

Entrepreneur Says Econet (Cassava) Stole His Idea About Sasai, To Sue Next Week

That debacle aside it looks like the company has forged on and has continued innovating. According to Artwell Mukumbe, Hiclicker’s Digital COVID-19 passport will be based on the blockchain. He said that this will aid the government in combating the spate of fake COVID-19 vaccination and test certificates that have been reported to be available on the black market.

According to Hiclicker the platform also offers:

  • Social Distance Scan
  • Fake News Debunker
  • Panic button & Emergence services
  • COVID-19 vaccines info & booking
  • Infection statistics
  • Essential Service feature
  • Travel Mode
  • Vaccine or Medicine Reminder
  • And other critical government departments such as ZACC (Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission) reporting platform, Agritex Pfumvudza awareness platform, CPU (Civil Protection Unit) platform, Child Abuse reporting platform, RBZ Financial Intelligence reporting platform and ZETDC reporting platforms.

Hiclicker is also said to be working with other SADC countries to make the platform interoperable with other governments via APIs. I guess now we wait for the official launch and put this application to the test.

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  1. Ndezveduwo

    Econet musabire mwana futi🤣🤣. Hiclicker go for patent registration

    1. Anonymous

      They will not because Sasai already does that and Econet and Cassava employees use it for tracing and whatever he mentioned. Saka akanonoka. Ndaatotyira Ministry ye Health kuti Inga muvhare chete.

    2. tinm@n

      It’s not an invention

  2. Vanhu imi musadaro

    This guy is so innovative and always bring game changer products. He must find good management team and good reputable law firm to safeguard high cliker innovations.

    Rets see Generari vanozvifambisa sei.

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