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So it looks like Zimbabwe is finally moving towards e-passports according to Statutory Instrument 273 of 2021,

IT is hereby notified that the Minister has in terms of section 22 of the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act (Chapter 4:01), made the following regulations:

… The Minister hereby notifies that henceforth the Government will cease the issuance of the current type of passports and in place thereof will be issuing electronically readable passports (e-passports) whose charges are as specified in the Schedule.

The current type of passports, issued before the date of operation of these regulations, will cease to be acceptable internationally by 31st December 2023, and will therefore need to be replaced by e-passports in terms of these regulations.

The Citizenship (Passport Fees) Regulations, 2021, published in Statutory Instrument 201 of 2021, are hereby repealed.

SI 273 of 2021

Old type passport holders have until the end of December 2023 to make the switch and the new e-passport which to be honest is kind of inconvenient if you spent a day plus in a queue for a conventional passport and the government wakes up and decides to make this change.

What is an e-passport and what are its advantages?

An electronic passport or e-passport is a conventional passport with the addition of a readable electronic chip that carries the same information that is printed on the physical document. On top of the conventional information, some e-passports also have on their digital record, biometric data, the bearer’s photograph and in some cases the holder’s iris pattern.

All of these features are meant to protect citizens from identity theft because it is very difficult and expensive to steal the information stored on the document’s encrypted digital record. E-Passports also allow for faster passage through transit at your home border post. I am sure that many of you who have travelled abroad were green with envy at EU citizens skipping through customs while even at the Harare International Airport returning residents have to queue for some time to be cleared. Local Airports will need to be fitted with eGates (Automated Border Control) that will scan the passport and or the document holder’s face.

Image Credit Left: Financial Times
Image Credit Right: Great Zimbabwe Traveller

Only when an automated crossing doesn’t check out will the traditional manual crossing with a border control officer be necessary.

How much are the e-passports going to cost and drawbacks?

According to SI 273 of 2021, an ordinary e-passport will cost US$100.00 and an emergency one will be US$200.00 which is pretty pricey. The only drawback might just be implementation. If the government has dotted its “i” and crossed its “t” as far as the competence of border control staff and robustness of security of both the encryption and the readers at the terminal then we might be alright with this one…

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  1. T Ruhonde

    What will be the lag time from the time you pay the passport and the time you receive it.

    1. Chido wakatama

      It only takes 7 working days and your passport is out

      1. Ajuda

        I have a pending passport which i applied in january 2020.how much so i to up to get an electronic passport

  2. Player 456

    Herald has a different version. Seems they are saying you will only be required to get an e-passport at the expiry of a valid traditional passport.

    1. Anonymous

      This is what I heard.

      1. Wendy

        Pliz whoever is in charge of this e passport thing pliz be transparent enough as to how people and where must register online for these e passports coz some of us our passports already expired and are supposed to renew them in a few days .So if the new e passports are now being rolled out pliz we beg you to make all the links ,relavant information available to people so that we won’t fork out 318$ now only to find out that these passports are expiring in a year’s time ,that won’t be fair .Please assist is there it’s tough out there

    2. Anonymous

      This makes sense

    3. Maxwell Christian

      Statutory Instrument 273 of 2021 clearly says ALL ordinary passports expire on 31 December 2023 and will cease to be internationally accepted on that date. Courts and International Immigration Border Control Officials, don’t follow politicians who LIE and tell people what they want to hear, they follow the law. Unless the Zimbabwean Government or the law clearly says the current ordinary passports will run concurrently with the e-passports and will cease to be valid when they naturally expire, they will be rejected internationally after 31-12-2023 by virtue of the operation of Zimbabwean law. Don’t follow what politicians tell you, follow the law. Politicians will not be there when some international border control immigration officer denies you entry into some country telling you that your passport is invalid because it legally expired on 31 December 2023. Alternatively, the Government should meet the cost of the new e-passport on a pro-rata basis based on the unexpired period or unused pages using the new tariff and those who paid for the US$318 should just get the new e-passport free as long as the pages will not have been finished up.

      The issue of the law saying one thing and politicians saying the opposite is clearly policy inconsistencies that confuse the public. Zimbabwe Lawyers For Human Rights have threatened to take the Zimbabwean Government to Court over this matter. If the law says ordinary passports expire on 31-12-23, this is what needs to guide you not contrary statements by politicians who want to save face. We all know 1+1=2 and not 11, but if a politician tells you 1+1 is 11, don’t believe him or her or believe them at your own uninsured risk!!!

  3. Barf!

    Ah yes! Note how these are charged in USD as well! Typical of zpf and rbz! Another rip-off and further proof of how the zwd, or whatever you want to call it, is WORTHLESS!

  4. Rody40

    The Fat Cats are at the feeding table again. They never fail to find a plan to reap us off?

  5. Observer

    How does CBZ fit in?

    1. Bureaucracy Overload

      That’s my question too. If I’m already forking out money at the registrar, why should I go to another party unrelated to the process to pay an application fee? WTH!!!

  6. !t’sdUk3

    What I’m still waiting on the traditional one?

  7. Tinashe Risinamhodzi

    How long does it take if u did apply for an Express /Emergency one ?Can i apply online?

    1. George Jeti

      Whats the current conversion of $100-00?

  8. PSALMS109

    since they saying 2023, then they should jus say all those with those valid till 2029 can come get the digital ones at no cost as people spent a lot of money on getting these, some around 300 if not more which is unfair to ask them to folk out more money and why charge in USD when they insist our ZWL is a good currency, salaries are in ZWL, where do i get the USD, i cnt auction for that, which leaves the *******route. they are simplying saying go *****n get the USD.

    1. Anonymous

      Then they wonder why ZWL keeps losing value. They’ve just created an even bigger demand for what little USD was around on the black market.

  9. Anonymous

    But this is not fair some of us our ordinary passport is expired on2029 and we cost a lot of money to get and now in2024 l have to change again please be fair about this at least if you say when your passport is expired yes thats reasonable.

  10. Yolanda

    But this is not fair some of us our ordinary passport is expired on2029 and we cost a lot of money to get and now in2024 l have to change again please be fair about this at least if you say when your passport is expired yes thats reasonable.

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t ever expect anything to be fair in ZIM. Once you accept that, you can get on with your life much better.

  11. Captain Jack Sparrow

    And the fat lady sings 🤪🤪🤪 Some have passport that they applied for long back that have not yet been processed and by Dec 2023 they would not have been processed 🤭🤭🤭 Daylight robbery chaiyo …

  12. Anonymous

    Dai vatoti ordinary USD$1000, moda kutiza muchienda kupi?? Ndokuti mugare muno tivhote the right person into leadership

    1. Captain Jack Sparrow

      In the Zimbabwean context the opposition has nothing worthwhile to offer 🤭🤭🤭 All the years they still use rented accomodations as their headquarters and most of them stay in the ghettos nxaaa Viva Zanu 🤪🤪🤪

    2. Tinker


  13. Isabel Marange

    Mine Is expiring January 2022
    So I must still apply for the $318 or what??

    1. Stephanie

      No need. You are one of the lucky few. Just forget about the 318 and go ahead and apply for the 100 dollar one.

  14. Faith Tutani

    The drama never ends. A country which does not prioritize its citizens is as good as invalid

  15. Stephanie

    What a joke. I just collected my new passport last week and its Expiring 2031. My question is, why can’t they just embed the new chip into my now “old passport?”

    1. Gizz

      The chip will probally cost you $100

  16. Misheck chiware

    Day light robbery kuze kubenini

  17. Zakes

    We lost another $318 + 200 again , nonsense guys, those with the old one must use until expiry we can’t top again more money, useless,our govt yrrrr ,I’m crying

  18. Anonymous

    Zvine chimbavha mukati izvi

  19. Anonymous

    Zvine chimbavha mukati izvi vanhu vaye vatanga futi takuenda kumaElection vakutsvaga mari

    1. anonymous


  20. Teejay

    “In imes of tyranny and injustice when law oppresses the people the outlaw takes his place in history. “

  21. Scared to say!

    Mine expires in 2031 and I paid USD318.00. In two years time I must pay another USD200.00!! That’s daylight robbery. Why should a sovereign country charge it’s citizens in another country’s currency, for a national travel document? Zimbabwe needs to be liberated from these ZANU PF thugs who high-backed our struggle in 1980!

  22. Anonymous

    What about visa . How can I attach it to my e passport

    1. Pala

      E passport is still a booklet

  23. Kevin

    Has dual citizenship taken effect.

    1. Maxwell Christian

      Yes, when the 2013 Constitution came into being!

  24. Anonymous

    This is what happens when a gvt realises their citizens wont offer much resistance. They will continue to look for more means and ways to rob us like cows being milked at a farm. They charge in USD and pay out in ZWL. People should just come back and vote or at least make this hellhole ungovernable simple

  25. Anonymous

    Zanupf and its stupid ideas….

  26. Yourhoney

    They must just allow the old passport to expire and then one can get the e-passport.people are sacrificing to get that $318 passport then boom before it expires they must get another $200.the price of getting a passport is ridiculous crazy compared to other countries.the idea is good.Government must think twice.

  27. Petty

    My passport expired in October 2020 and am still waiting for a new one which i applied for. Whats the next move? Do i have to reapply again or these are the passports (baclog) meant to be cleared by December 2021 ?

  28. Niché Malik

    When will this take effect

  29. brighton

    ..100usd for passport is not bad…considering it wil make ot hard for the passport officials to ask gor bribe now…its e.good move from gvnment..implementation must be done soonest jan 2022 ..waiting period of 7days is super …

    1. Jaire

      Unogarepi iwe kana uchifunga akuti rino uda after 7 days muka ubike doro

      1. Anonymous

        I almost laughed on such a serious matter

  30. Denny

    That is very good

  31. Jeremy

    How does one apply for the e passport , is there a website to do it on ?

  32. Siqhondiso Sibanda

    I just got my passport today at the cost of 318 dollars.. this is realy sad

  33. MIKE Mudyanesimba

    Hello how can I apply for the e passport and how long does it take I need to apply it now

  34. mercy

    iamerica same passport 145 iuganda 135
    the zim one itori cheaper
    vana zambia nana botswana havatorina epassport
    tendaiwo pagonekwa
    zvamqueque zvatopera

    1. Anonymous

      Kenya plans to invalidate old style passports on 31 December 2021. Some countries are making it mandatory to leave the country only on e passports yet some of us are complaining about the unveiling of the epassport but it will be us again who complain that the government is lacking in implementing technological innovation and advancement

      1. Ambush politics

        Kenya announced the transition in 2016. No one is against useful innovation, just poor planning and implementation.

    2. Anonymous

      itipa basa here epassport

  35. Anonymous

    i mean you dont even use computers at some of your government offices how will keep up with an ePassport lol can someone please free Zimbabwe from these douchebags please

    1. Anonymous

      That was my first thought….. how will they keep up….?

  36. Martha

    How do we apply?

  37. Odline

    Mine is expiring June next year lucky me

  38. Siyaz

    There are some passports with valid Visas that expire after 2023. Nekunetsa kunoita kuwana Visa ongonzi hausisina raenda nePassport.

  39. Believe

    How long does it take for this e passport take to expire???

  40. Ki.

    My passport has expired on SA, I need to apply for a new one in SA what do I do to get epassport

  41. Jones

    Why the change is in $USD

  42. Innocent

    How long does it take to collect it, when i applied for e passport?

  43. Nancy Tania

    When is this Taking place . …we also need epassports

  44. Too scared to say.

    Inga zvakaoma. But those singing viva zanu asi mune yenyu zim iri different here or you just dont care about what you are leaving behind for future generations? Its gonna be this situations amplified. Check the upgrade rate of countries that attained independence after us and the degradation that has befallen our nation since 1980,hamurwadziwe nazvo here?

    1. Captain Jack Sparrow

      Yep a 2nd republic 🤪🤪🤪 Anyways don’t worry much about the future generations the world as you know it is coming to an end soon do your research and read your Bible

      1. Evans

        So when is e Passport application starts

  45. Liz

    How will people living outside Zimbabwe be able to obtain their e passport? I’ve just had to go back to Zim and pay $300 for an emergency passport which took 6 weeks to process. I was unable to leave until it was ready

  46. Hasani

    This Government if full of tsags. I just collected my passport in April tht expires 2030. N all of a sudden zvakunzi ndichinr chitsotsi che zanu chekutsvaka mari yekuzo rigger nayo very corrupt Governement. We must vote them out ngaapinde mkomana zvipere zvose izvi. Taneta haa hoo. Day light robbery. Why in us dollar .intead yokuty vanhu using yr Dollar renyu ramunoti ndiyo mari yakanaka. But one day this currupt Government wl be out even if we doe struggling like this tichirhobwa masilati machena one day ichava history.

    1. Tsotsi

      Lol mukomana haazi kuzopinda unless vatoita joined adventure 😆 😄 🤣

  47. Sifiso

    I have a form but l didn’t submit

  48. Trymore Musikavanhu

    I like it let me to be the fisrt to receive it thanks

  49. Trymore Musikavanhu


  50. Anonymous

    Please Mr Kazembekazembe some of our passports expired in 2029 and people paid 318USD what do you say now you need another 200USD please respect us uyezwa.

    1. Anonymous

      Same, expiring in 2029 and the Zimbabwean embassies in Europe they act like they can’t be bothered when one goes for a passport renewal. I’m changing to. European this is enough now…. I’ve held on for as long as anyone can.

  51. Major_ghost05

    When are these e passports starting to be issued?

  52. Knowledge

    Zvaita zvakanaka kwatiri tanga tisina ma318

  53. Dh

    People with valid passports should be given e-passport for free or they shld let them expire 1st.

    Then why are you charging USD for government services to citizens being paid RTGS/ZW$

  54. MM

    Why is CBZ the only bank accepting the application fees ndo corruption iyoyo and yakawandisa $20 uye ichimboisirwei kuma US nyika ine currency yayo

  55. Tinei

    when are the epassports going to be issued?

  56. cosmas

    how can i apply for e pasport

  57. Kk

    Government fighting its own people

  58. Anonymous

    When are they going to start issuing e passport

  59. mthandazo makotose

    Zim is f****d up

  60. Zz

    Why cant they jst leave those old passprts to expire first then we can go and apply the e pasprts,we are tired of this…no…nse..nse

  61. Anonymous

    So the one for $100 takes how long?

  62. Nelson Sungundai

    The way I see E-PASSPORT is very smart high technology, and is cheaper than the old one, so I really support E-PASSPORT

  63. Simon

    Can I get my passport through online application am in South Africa

  64. Anonymous

    Is there any need for visa if have e-passport if any how do i get it

  65. Rev Andrew Moyo

    I need to apply for.the epassport. My wife and two children lost their passports and also need to apply. What do we need

  66. Herbert Maradze

    Can you please also tell us. Where to apply also is it possible for them to cancel all old passport now . So that all Zimbabweans in foreign countries will be forced go back home and register to vote and they should require a vote registration slip before they handover e – pasport to one

  67. Lenon Mhene

    I applied my e passport on 25 September today is 6 October they haven’t sent me the collection text what should I do

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