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Lawyer took govt to court over use of auction rate and SI 127. It went as you would expect.

Do you remember the whole SI 127 mess? We just don’t talk about it anymore because we have accepted our fate, hate it or love it, S1 127 is here to stay. One lawyer apparently did not get the memo and went to face the dragon for us simple folk. He wanted to rid us […]

You will be able to get an e-passport this week

The fiasco that has been the e-passport rollout is soon to hit its crescendo. According to a report by ZBC News, the company that was contracted to run the project (Garsu Pasaulis) said that all systems are a go for Zimbabweans to start applying in the next three days. “We are going to start issuing […]

Govt scraps CBZ US$20 e-passport application fee

It looks like the government has come to its senses and scrapped the US$20 application fee for e-passports according to Statutory Instrument No. 3 of 2022. The SI reads as follows: Statutory Instrument 3 of 2022. [CAP. 4:01 Citizenship (Passport Fees) Regulations. 2022 IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural […]

e-passports: govt “breaks” CBZ monopoly, plus expiration date for old passports

Update 10/01/2022: First Capital Bank reached out and said that the report by NewsDay was incorrect. First Capital was not part of e-passport application fees process before and after the Statutory Instrument First Capital Bank has been anointed by the government as the second preferred bank, along with CBZ Holdings, that anyone looking to get […]

Why does CBZ have a monopoly on e-passport application fees?

Zimbabwe’s is finally making the switch to e-passports after more than 20 years when the technology was first deployed in Malaysia in 1998. I and many others don’t have too much of an issue with the change from a security standpoint. Zimbabweans will be able to access Automated Border Control terminals and home and abroad. […]

Everything you need to know about Zim’s new e-passport

So it looks like Zimbabwe is finally moving towards e-passports according to Statutory Instrument 273 of 2021, IT is hereby notified that the Minister has in terms of section 22 of the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act (Chapter 4:01), made the following regulations: … The Minister hereby notifies that henceforth the Government will cease the issuance […]

Empty words from gvt, information officers not the same as information flow

Zimbabwe remains a democratic republic. Of course, we have had contested election results which undermine that. We also turn authoritarian when it suits us. So, there’s that too. The other thing we have consistently struggled with when it comes to democratic values is transparency. So, when the Freedom of Information Act was passed, few Zimbabweans […]