WIN FREE Airtime and a holiday for two with Techzim Market!!!

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Techzim Free Airtime Points

You can win FREE Airtime or a Holiday for two in the Techzim Market Points Promotion. Getting started is really easy, all you need to do is dial *405# USSD and buy airtime. It’s easy as that!

Techzim Free Airtime

How does it work?

For every ZWL$200.00 you buy in airtime through our *405# USSD you will earn one point that will go towards you redeeming those points as airtime. So…

1. Buy airtime worth $200.00 and get 1 point (NetOne, Telecel or Econet with money in your EcoCash or OneMoney wallet)
2. REFER anyone on NetOne or Telecel to buy airtime worth ZWL$100.00 or more and get 2 points

How to Redeem Points

Once you get 5 points they will be automatically redeemed and your airtime will be sent to you.


Whoever has the most points at the end of the month will win 2 nights for 2 at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge.


What’s your take?

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  1. Geralt of Rivea

    Hi Techzim. If I win, can I go Pamuzinda alone twice? I’m a single software developer with no prospect of getting a girlfriend anytime soon.

    1. Valentine Muhamba

      Unfortunately, you can only go once.

      But we are rooting for you on the search for a girlfriend!

    2. Jinx

      Good for you, Geralt. Love is a myth πŸ˜‚. In the meantime, you can wait for the raids of Mohawk in The Witcher season Three in the comfort of your own…. solace lmao

      1. Sprocket

        Indeed love is a myth

    3. DK

      Do not worry about not having a girlfriend. As a software developer you will be kept busy in your room by WiFi. If there is no free WiFi as Techzim to pay for you as you can go there only once.

      1. Isaac Machakata

        Can’t they at least double the stay since he’s alone πŸ˜‚

        1. The Winner

          Need a serious young beautiful lady to go with

    4. Looking for a man

      Reply with your Facebook name. I’m looking for a man and I have a thing for geeks.

      1. Isaac Machakata

        I think he said, β€œ…I’m a single software developer with no prospect of getting a girlfriend anytime soon” πŸ˜‚

      2. Isaac

        He was trying to bargain πŸ˜‚

      3. Geralt of Rivea

        Tinei Takaendesa

    5. Anonymous

      Hie I want to learn software developing would you mind teaching me contact me Whatsapp 0733623605

  2. Pa

    Asiphileni πŸ€‘πŸ€£βš˜

  3. Lawrence

    Let’s hope at the end there’s a winner hey guys….

    1. Sub Zero

      Do they also cover for transport

  4. Anonymous

    Is it really work or is just for laugh

  5. Anonymous futi

    5 points is worth how much in airtym?

    1. Jamie


      1. unkwown…….

        hey meaning usd or ……..

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