Bereka, the local startup delivering Mukuru remittances to your doorstep

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While browsing on the interwebs last week, I came across a startup called Bereka which is saying that it is offering to deliver your Mukuru voucher cash to your doorstep. Now, I was immediately blown away because if you have ever experienced Mukuru or any other remittance service’s queues you know that on a bad day it looks like you’ve taken a trip back to bread lines in 2008.

So when I saw this I thought that there is finally someone who is delivering a service that I hadn’t seen on the market for a while. If I am remembering correctly, Senditoo did something similar a while back.

The one thing that I was extremely curious about was if Bereka was a Mukuru subsidiary. To this, the team from Bereka said that they integrated or partnered with Mukuru to deliver this service.

This is impressive because for a company like Mukuru to consider you to handle its many customers means that there is some serious confidence in Bereka’s internal systems and the startup as a whole.

Think of us as an “on-demand” service, similar to a fast food delivery service, but for your Mukuru PayOut Voucher.


How does it work?

So if you are one of those people who doesn’t want to spend any length of time in a queue and you want to expend the US$2 it takes to get to town, here’s how you can your Mukuru remittances to your doorstep.

  • WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to +263 78 025 3488 or click to set up your delivery.
  • Customers will be prompted for their Mukuru voucher details as well as their delivery location.
  • Once you have successfully followed all the prompts a Bereka rider will be dispatched to your given address
  • Right now, Bereka is running a promotion where you are being charged US$2.00 per delivery

The service is only available between 8:00 – 15:30hrs, Mon to Friday. Additionally, the folks over at Bereka said that they will not set up an order if they can’t deliver it.

They also say customers are guaranteed to receive the right amount of money. As for the range where Mukuru cash deliveries are available, the team at Bereka said they cover Harare and Chitungwiza.

I really like this

I don’t know about you but this is a really good idea. The one thing that I am seeing is that this saves customers a lot of time and money travelling into town to get your Mukuru remittances for those who don’t have a booth nearby. With the promotion they are running, you can get your Mukuru voucher delivered to you for two dollars which might just be the same amount that you might need to go to a booth anyway.

On Mukuru’s side of things, it expands their reach even further. They are a very popular service and now they have the option of a startup that can offer them roving agents to reach even more customers.



  1. Isaac

    So something happened in the skies of Joburg today, something connected to Russia 🤔

  2. shannarachronicles

    as long they deliver at work and im not asked my address, for fear of the obvious, its a good one. will try it.

  3. Anonymous

    Ko nyaya yeID. Do they check on delivery or what? Someone eg a spouse may have access to your phone and set up delivery without your knowledge.

  4. Imwe Mbeu

    And you, VisionStrike would do 😌

  5. Eric

    The last mile…

  6. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    There are so many problems I see with this. They will need armoured transport soon.

  7. Electronic Payments is the answer

    Good initiative, but pasecurity apa ma1, especially with the growing armed robbers. The elephant in the room is electronic payments, Mukura should just create a wallet that’s acceptable at shops. That eliminates queues, increases security as you dont have to card hard cash, and streamlines mukuru service. With Electronic payments it creates even more intergration opportunities. Bereka would be better off delivering services bought by the Mukura wallet e.g groceries

  8. shannarachronicles

    am all for electronic payments but then the 2% comes in as well as service charge when purchasing….that will be 3% +/- ,that i can do something with had it been hard cash.

  9. Kholwani Mhlanga

    Gwanda Jahunda318

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