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[Video] “We are solving the problem that nearly put us under” – Gugulethu Siso, Thumeza Founder

Thumeza has been active in the logistics industry for the past 4 years. The company started out as a last-mile service provider. Thumeza then transitioned to a freight-centric platform connecting small-scale transporters to large enterprises with goods to be moved. Thumeza has experienced the joys of landing large clients & the lows of realizing they […]

Bereka, the local startup delivering Mukuru remittances to your doorstep

While browsing on the interwebs last week, I came across a startup called Bereka which is saying that it is offering to deliver your Mukuru voucher cash to your doorstep. Now, I was immediately blown away because if you have ever experienced Mukuru or any other remittance service’s queues you know that on a bad […]

Zim mobility & logistics startups! Check out this funding opportunity!

Mobility 54 is a corporate venture capital of Toyota Tsucho & CFAO group – the largest distribution network in Africa. They are investing in high-potential startups in Africa and for Africa, as well as also providing industrial support to our partners. The initiative is organizing a startup pitch contest – “2022 Digital Transformation Challenge” calling […]

SADC based startup Thumeza expands across Africa with Lori Systems partnership

Small and large-scale logistics players across Africa and other emerging markets struggle to access working capital credit to fulfil the growing demand. African e-logistics companies play a key role in reducing transport costs and delays while improving the quality of service along transport corridors. Logistics startup Thumeza has announced a partnership with Lori Systems which […]

Local logistics startup Thumeza expands to Zambia and Kenya

Thumeza is a logistics startup that focuses on “Providing working capital financing for those who power the movement of goods across Africa“. The company does this by trimming the gap in finances that independent logistics operators face when they are waiting for a payment for a completed job while they venture on to the next. […]

Mutsapuri, a local logistic startup charging ZWL$100 per delivery

While scrolling around on the interwebs I found what is one of the most exciting initiatives I have personally seen in some time. There is a local logistics startup called Mutsapuri that is a youth and community-focused company, charging a very reasonable rate. The first reason why Mutsapuri has excited me is the means by […]

Local logistics startup Thumeza sets its sights on SADC expansion

Thumeza is a local logistics startup that provides financing to small-scale operators so they can meet their obligations while they (the operators) wait for their clients to pay for their services. And business has been going very well for them according to a report by Disrupt Africa. Thumeza CEO and founder Gugulethu Siso said they […]

Thumeza, the local logistics startup that is a finalist in a US$750K accelerator

Thumeza, is a local startup that offers financing to small scale logistics operators. It was recently named as one of the 10 finalists for the Telecel Group under its Africa Startup Initiative Program (ASIP) and Startupbootcamp Afritech US$750K accelerator along with another Zimbabwean startup called Dawa Health. I got the opportunity to “virtually” sit down […]

Gonyeti, a pan African digital trucking platform

To say long haul logistics is a daunting field to approach is a bit of an understatement. In most cases, potential clients have few avenues to compare and contrast rates for various routes across the continent. On the independent operator side of things, there are a number of companies that dominate the space and carving […]