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Microsoft 365 Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is making a concerted push for its Microsoft 365 services locally. If you remember, late last year Liquid Telecom was rebranded in order to represent its new business strategy of not just being a telecoms carrier to being a full suite technology company. For those who may have forgotten, this angle isn’t even new because Liquid Intelligent was named a Microsoft 365 Gold Partner back in 2018.

“Our Microsoft Gold Partner status confirms our position at the forefront of Africa’s cloud. This is a statement to our customers that Liquid Intelligent Technologies has the business and technical capabilities to deliver comprehensive and innovative Office 365 solutions across the region,”

David Behr, Group Chief Product Officer, Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

Earlier that year Liquid Intelligent Technologies announced the availability of Microsoft Azure Stack to businesses operating in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique and Mauritius. That event marked the first time that the Azure Stack platform was available locally in these markets, and Liquid said these products will be offering businesses greater flexibility and security by deploying hybrid cloud architecture and scenarios.

Businesses can also use Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ CloudConnect for Azure ExpressRoute to create direct high-speed connections between Azure data centres and Azure Stack cloud, bypassing the public internet.

Last week Liquid Intelligent Technologies demoed the whole system to businesses and the press and you can watch the whole Microsoft 365 demo with the player below:

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You can also download the presentation to the pitch with the link below:

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  1. ededee

    what is the benefit of buying from Liquid as opposed to buying direct the cloud services from Microsoft? Maybe someone from Liquid can clarify?


    But the same offering you can subscribe on . Why buy from liquid who will put a a mark up when you can just buy it on your own?