This local eLearning site is looking to bridge the gap for Grade 6 & 7 students

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Kuyambuka Kusasa Grade 7

E-learning has been a steadily growing industry in Zimbabwe in the wake of the pandemic and for good reason because no one was prepared for the disruption that would be caused by the stay at home orders on students. Even now when we are returning to something resembling pre-Covid times, there is still a place for online learning, particularly when it comes to extra lessons and examination revision. In line with this, there is a local startup called Kusasa Education that launched a platform called Kuyambuka which is focusing on those who are preparing to make the transition from primary to secondary school (Grade 6 & 7).

What is Kusasa Education and what is it offering?

The firm is the first one that I have encountered with a product that is concentrating on the Grade 7 scholars as their target market. There are quite a few out there who are giving a broad stroke approach covering mainly, high school students about to write their Ordinary and Advanced level examinations.

By coming up with the Kuyambuka product we were trying to bridge the gap that existed between the developed and the developing world. We believe the gap is mainly in the lack of imagination of the inhabitants of the African continent. Imagination creates worlds that are seemingly impossible. This has been shown during the Covid 19 pandemic whereby learners were left behind especially at Grade 7 level.

Kusasa Education

The aptly named Kuyambuka (the crossing or to cross/traverse in English) offers, in terms of subjects, Maths, Science, English, Shone, Social Sciences, Physical Education and Arts. It offers the coursework as well as quizzes at the end of each section.

When I registered on Kuyambuka I was given free access to the learning material after getting my account set up, there is a donate button on the site which allows you to give as much as you can to support the platform.

Kusasa Kuyambuka

However, according to Kusasa Education, you can also get Zoom lessons on demand the cost to do this is ZWL$5,000 per month.

“Not only do we have the detailed and interactive lessons for these areas but also the assessments that are marked and instant feedback is given by our system. We follow the gradual release model in which learners are given enough practice before they are given a chance to attempt the work on their own.”

Kusasa Education

From what I saw on the site it is very easy to use. Everything is labelled clearly enough for a child who is more technologically advanced than I was at their age to find their way around it. The mathematics lesson I briefly went through was clear enough and so was the assessment test at the end.

You can check out Kuyambuka for yourself with the link here or contact them via email – or call 0781332980.

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  1. Zim Developer

    Great idea and concept but the website seem to be suspended. It redirects to

    1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Steady growth…

  2. Frederick Apeji

    Great idea. Can the model be replicated in Nigeria? A lot of African tech entrepreneurs are beginning to look beyond their home markets in order to expand their market across the rest of Africa. We can help to promote this on our own web & social media windows here in Nigeria.

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