[Video] “We are solving the problem that nearly put us under” – Gugulethu Siso, Thumeza Founder

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Thumeza has been active in the logistics industry for the past 4 years. The company started out as a last-mile service provider. Thumeza then transitioned to a freight-centric platform connecting small-scale transporters to large enterprises with goods to be moved.

Thumeza has experienced the joys of landing large clients & the lows of realizing they can’t afford to service their load. This realization is what led to their eventual transition to providing working capital financing to the logistics industry.

Lack of access to credit adversely affects hundreds of thousands of transporters, large and small enterprises who depend on them across the continent.

In this episode of Story Untold ZW, we talk about all this (and more) with Gugulethu Siso, the CEO and Co-Founder of Thumeza …

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