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The drone conference 2022 held in Zimbabwe had a number of outstanding presentations and even more so, the most impressive collection of drones yet. Here we have a First Person View (FPV) drone pilot and one very agile drone.

FPV drones are primarily used for recreation in drone racing and time attacks through obstacle courses. They are also used in film and content creation when filming high agility scenes that regular film and recreational drones cannot tackle.

Most FPV drones are custom-built by their pilot and come in kits that can be assembled and customized to suit the demands of the pilot. This high customizability makes these drones adaptable but also very demanding on the pilot’s skillset.

Since everything is custom there is a need to do some coding, and configurations and have an understanding of electronics to be able to get the most out of these types of drones. Simply put, you have to be a bit of a tinkerer if you want to play with FPV drones.

FPV drones that do not require you to be a tinkerer also exist and these come fully assembled and ready to fly out of the box. However, this convenience will come at a cost as these sort of fuss-free FPV drones are more expensive than the ones that you assemble yourself.

Also, they are nowhere near as customizable as the other types of FPV drones. For more info on the Drones space in Zimbabwe, you can use the contacts below:
Email: info@dronetraining.co.zw
Phone: +263719489139
Website: www.dronetraining.co.zw

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