NetOne’s OneFusion bundles are unavailable

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It seems as if NetOne is facing some challenges with its bundle system. Subscribers to the MNO have been making reports that they are failing to make any OneFusion bundle purchases. When attempting to buy a Onefusion bundle it is giving out an error saying: “One Fusion bundles are currently unavailable”

NetOne has not put out a notice to this effect yet but it seems to be still possible to purchase OneFusion bundles through their OneMoney platform. It’s also safe to say that since they recently announced their USD bundles, including OneFusion, they may be adding those to their system, resulting in downtime.

Another interesting thing is that OneFi now only shows the 10GB bundle. The other previously present bundles seem to have disappeared and there is no announcement again as to why that is. And the OneMoney trick is not working for OneFi as well. You are still only getting the 10GB bundle even if you try purchasing within the OneMoney wallet.

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  1. John

    What’s going on with netone. And they still haven’t refunded us from last time

  2. Nyasha

    Its been a month now, it says onefusion are unavailable. Even balance enquiry is not working. I usually buy onefusion every month, now i dont know when it will be back again.

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