myRunner: Finally a place I can withdraw my PayPal balance

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Zimbabwe is just a place that poses its own unique set of challenges especially when it comes to payments. We are either barred from using certain platforms because of sanctions or our financial systems just do not have support for some of the more convenient payment platforms that exist.

Recently I had an emergency requiring me to withdraw my PayPal funds and the usual way of going about it was just asking in my circles if anyone had cash and needed PayPal. Usually, this worked without much effort but on that fateful day, nobody was able to assist.

Then one friend of mine told me about this company called myRunner saying it does offer shopping services for people wishing to buy goods from South Africa. And that they also accept PayPal as a form of payment. So I reached out. Promptly.

myRunner. What is it?

When they started off, myRunner was an online bus booking company that allowed you to also track your bus and rate the bus service making it easier to know the quality and reliability of 3rd party buses before using them. In 2018 they were nominated for the Southern Africa startup awards amongst 2 other startups.

From there they diversified into remittances allowing sending of goods and money to and from South Africa. The service was further expanded to Zambia and now has grown to have a presence in 50 countries. And they did not stop there. They also introduced PayPal deposits and withdrawals earlier this year and the process is really simple.

That PayPal balance you’ve been meaning to cash out, come through to myRunner & we will gladly assist you. Get in touch right away.

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How do you do it?

Their services are WhatsApp based. No app or functional website really. So you reach out to them via their WhatsApp number and you make your request of how much you intend on depositing or withdrawing. In my case, it was a withdrawal.

A PayPal link was sent to me via WhatsApp with an accompanying message to visit any of their physical outlets. The closest one to me at that point was their 5th street branch opposite Roadport in Harare. Their agent requested the amount (US$30) and my ID as well as a US$5 service charge for the withdrawal. So in total, it cost me US$5 to withdraw US$30.

Once payment is made, you send them a screenshot of the proof of payment and as soon as the payment reflects on their end they proceed to hand you the cash. All in all the entire process took around 5 minutes.


myRunner has a minimum fee of US$5 if the transaction is less than US$50 and 5-10% of the transaction value for amounts greater than US$50. However, it is only this straightforward if your PayPal account is a customer account and not a merchant and also if it is a US dollar account.

For accounts that use other currencies, there may be some currency conversion charges on top of the standard transaction fees driving the cost of the transaction up. These are charges within PayPal and not myRunner. PayPal will notify you if the account you are sending money to is using a different currency to your account. It will even show you how much they will receive after factoring in all the charges and you can take a look at those charges by clicking here. If you want to try out their service you can reach out to them on WhatsApp by clicking here and for those in Harare here.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    5 bucks for 30 bucks, nyamgwe Mthuli haadaro… 😂

    1. Running Runner


    2. Mai Victoria

      Iwe watomboiwana cash yacho?
      I’m in until I find a better alternative

  2. Sabhuku

    Yah I still feel the earliest route more definitive. I’d rather my associate gets my PayPal trans

  3. Running Runner

    Well, glad there is a new option for peeps, even though it seems like there a hefty convenience premium!

  4. Anonymous X

    Anyone with PayPal I will give you cash Whatsapp me @0733623605

    1. Weibo

      Ndinayo but the fact yekuti waisa number ye telecel, I don’t trust u anymore.##yetelecel inogona kungovhara anytime soon

  5. Man

    Are government charges/ taxes also included on the $5 or they don’t apply

  6. tajirtemam

    Ofitti Ammaa namuma

  7. tajirtemam

    Guddina Hawwii

  8. 2434

    Wow expensive better to stay away from PayPal altogether

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  10. Chidoh

    Life made easier

    1. Pervance Mubaira

      Fantastic indeed, who wouldn’t want such a convenient and effective service. Honestly I am in . ForthisandotherserviceswethankGodewithmyRunner

  11. Duza mambi

    Where are the contact details,,, I want to withdraw my PayPal money

  12. Dialo

    Looking for cash to receive from someone ane Paypal 0719831335

  13. Kamba

    You see techzim, why not push econet to make their ecocash mobile payment API available to the public. With ecocash mobile payment API and PayPal API, we can do bidirectional transactions, withdrawing from PayPal acc and topping up our PayPal acc.

    1. Anonymous

      Topping ecocash you mean

  14. Kuda

    May you kindly assist me.
    I bought electricity token for 3000rtgs but l haven’t received the token up to now.the money was deducted from my ecocash account

  15. Kuda

    What’s happening with our money that’s being deducted from buying zesa token in our accounts without receiving the token.

  16. Neil

    How you receiving payments on paypal?

  17. Kudzi

    I can cashout your PayPal at 5% ….. +263775612954

  18. Desire White

    I think it will be a good idea to have a runner in campus.Actually I am a student at Chinhoyi university of technology and I’m interested if you would like to offer me a job

  19. Goodnews

    Quik question, Do I need to link a credit card on PayPal for this to work?

  20. Shelly Muvishi

    I want to do cash out ye pay pal how do I do it

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