Liquid Home (Zol) facing system challenge, you may fail to top up or make payments

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You should not live on the edge, my friend. If your faith is in a system or network being up to allow you to carry out an important task at the last minute, you are doing life the wrong way. If you needed to buy a Liquid Home top-up bundle for that all-important Zoom call, tough luck o edge-dweller.

Liquid Home has communicated that they have a system challenge that is affecting top-ups and payments. You cannot buy a top-up bundle at the moment.

This is the worst kind of problem for Liquid to have. A system challenge that prevents you from using the data you already bought is unfortunate, but tolerable to one that stops money flowing into Liquid coffers. From their perspective.

Since 7:30 pm yesterday, Liquid has not been able to accept some payments. I should know, I’ve been trying to add to my Liquid Home balance. Life in the Pay-As-You-Go lane can be tough.

Important Notice: myLiquid Home platform challenge.

Please be advised that there is a system challenge on our myLiquid Home platform affecting data top-ups and payments. Our engineers are working towards resolving this issue in the shortest time possible. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted. Thank you for your continued support.

Start time: 2023/04/19 19:30:18

Resolution time: TBA

This is the error I am getting,

The payment services are unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.

It does appear as if every other day we are talking about a Liquid Home systems challenge. Something needs to change over there.

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