The old WhatsApp Desktop is dead, move to the new optimised one, better than WhatsApp Web too

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The sun has set on one WhatsApp desktop application. Some may not have known this but there were actually 2 different WhatsApp desktop applications. That’s not counting the WhatsApp Web from the browser option.

The first desktop app was introduced years ago and it was not a native app. WhatsApp simply repurposed code from the browser application and made an app. Since it was basically just a browser app it worked on both Windows and MacOS.

That was good enough for a while but I’m sure many of you that used that particular app know that it was a resource hog. It demanded too much RAM and computing power and could be unstable.

That’s what happens when an app is not developed with a particular OS in mind. It cannot be optimised. You felt it the most when using low-powered PCs. They would struggle to run the app.

That’s why many people still don’t want to use the desktop app, preferring to use WhatsApp Web instead. You don’t have to do that my friend, the native WhatsApp Desktop app is optimised and a joy to use.

WhatsApp released apps for both Windows and MacOS that were made exclusively for those operating systems. They are now actively forcing people to switch to those from the older non-native app. They say that app has expired.

WhatsApp Web vs WhatsApp Desktop

You still can use WhatsApp Web from your browser but you will miss out on some features. The major ones being the ability to make voice and video calls. You can’t do that from WhatsApp Web but you can from WhatsApp Desktop.

For me though, the biggest reason I would choose WhatsApp Desktop over WhatsApp Web is the online status situation.

When using WhatsApp Web, you will appear ‘online’ for as long as the tab is open in the browser. Even if you’re using a different tab. If you don’t want to appear ‘online’, you will have to log out or close the browser tab.

It will look like you’re ignoring people if they see you online the whole time and yet you are actively using different apps.

That’s not the case when using the desktop app. There, if you minimise the app, your online status changes. Just for that, I would choose the native app.

You can download WhatsApp Desktop here. If you were using the old app, it will direct you to the same download page.

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  1. Newman jambaya

    WhatsApp is sucking me
    Just banned my numbers
    I just left my phone later to see number banned while I was busy with something else

    1. That

      Ndozvicharowerwa Zuckerberg na Elon izvozvo #teamElon

      1. Hokage

        Yeah ngadai akabvarurwa bvarurwa , Elon is heavier thus he packs more punch force , plus Elon is taller meaning kuti he has more reach

    2. Kilian

      They also banned my number for no reason at all ,i apealed and they sent an email saying their systems flaged my number by mistake, a week later they banned me again till now

      1. 007✓

        No one gets banned for no reason on whatsapp
        If you get banned its either you have been reported multiple times or you are using GB, FM or what ever none official versions of whatsapp

    3. Isaac

      If you use GB, you’re likely to be flagged. And kana usingatambi nevamwe zvakanaka, you may have been reported. It can also be a false alarm.

  2. Shah nawaz


    1. Shah nawaz

      Watsup problum my number

  3. Omer Rizwan


  4. Naison Sebastian

    My Comments on the WhatsApp Web and Desktop Apps are:

    1. Not happy with the New Desktop App for removing the three dots Menu at top right corner that allowed me to “Clear Messages” and keeping “Starred” ones. If you use the new Clear Messages link now located under a Contact’s Name, it clears all messages including Starred ones on both Phone and Desktop with no option to retain Starred Messages.

    2. On Desktop they have added “Select Messages” but you cannot “Select All” for Clearing or Deleting.

    3. WhatsApp Web has no Audio and Video Calls that WhatsApp Desktop has.

    4. When I raised this Issues with META Support, their response was:


    Thanks for your message.

    Unfortunately, this feature isn’t currently supported in our new Windows Desktop App, but we are working to make it available soon.

    Our team is working hard to develop the new Windows Desktop app to bring you a suite of desktop features specifically for desktop users. We hope it doesn’t cause too much disruption to your use of the app.

    To get the latest feature updates as they arrive, check out the Microsoft App Store (

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

  5. Cyber Man

    Web is good if you have less Ram

  6. emanzini

    challenge is: WhatsApp desktop takes a lot of my storage space but WhatsAppWeb doesn’t. at one time WhatsAppDesktop filled all my pc internal storage and it was slow. I shifted back to WhatsAppWeb. any remedy to WhatsAppDesktop using to much space? thank you

    1. Emdot


  7. Nunha e