Two Zimbos vying for superiority at Red Bull – Street Fighter 6 tournament in SA this weekend

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It’s been decades but I’m still amazed that people can and are making a living out of playing games. It doesn’t sound right but alas, we have professional gamers out-earning doctors on this planet.

I am jealous that there isn’t a single game that I’m good enough at to be a professional player. There are levels to this and I’m stuck in the basement.

A Street Fighter 6 tournament – Red Bull Kumite 2023 – is coming up in South Africa this Saturday and Sunday, the 1st and 2nd of July.

You’re gonna wish you had picked that controller instead of the Bio textbook my friend. If only you worked on those E Honda moves instead of polishing up on the workings of the digestive system of a locust.

The winner of Red Bull Kumite 2023 will walk away with a cool US$9000. Heck, even number 16 will leave the tournament with a $2000-dollar heavier wallet. Not bad for a day’s work, right?

Can you compete in the tourney? Yes, but it’s probably too late to make the travel plans now. And, uh, I don’t know you but I don’t think you’re good enough. Don’t fret though, there will be Zimbabweans representing us at the tournament.

See, Red Bull invited 15 of the best Street Fighter players in the world and they will be joined by the person who wins the Last Chance Qualifiers and nabs that 16th spot.

eSports Zimbabwe says two of the top Street Fighter 6 players in Zimbabwe, Sonic (Alpha Chaendera) and KrwKing101 (Nkosi Dlamini) will be vying for that 16th spot. They will have to battle some of the best in the world to get a chance to fight against the top dawgs.

These are the guys and the Eric Kandiwa-designed jersey they will be donning:

Harare FGC contributed to the accommodation and travel of one guy. eSports Zimbabwe contributed the jerseys, travel and accommodation. The other guy had to foot some of the bills.

You can root for your countrymen on Twitch or YouTube for free. Or if you can attend in person, it will be at Pretoria University, Rembrandt Hall. You can buy tickets to do that here. There is a General Entry ticket for R100 and one with drinks and snacks for R450. The schedule is as follows:

  • 1 July – Last Chance Qualifiers
  • 2 July – Main event (the 16-person tourney)
  • Do note that you won’t be able to spectate the Qualifiers in person unless you are participating yourself. The main event is the one the tickets are for.

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  1. ralph

    Typo padate right ??, anyways excellent article. Vamwe ndakangorova Far Cry up to 5. The day i changed os to Linux handichatozive nezvemagame, I’m feeling like missing the old days

    1. Leonard Sengere

      It was a typo 😳.

      I love Far Cry, played 2 up to 5. Far Cry 2 made me so sick I couldn’t finish and 5 tichirikungokikiritsa. That’s one reason I could never be a Linux guy or a Mac guy, but Mac is switching up, we shall see.

    2. Ubuntu Peasant

      Steam is allegedly good on Linux. If you have budget to be legit, give it a try (lots of promos too so it might be more affordable than expected)


    NOOOO !😭other people are living my dreamu !

    πŸ˜‚ Anyways good like guys , Come home with the trophy , next stop EVO

    somebody please make a WhatsApp group 4 ZIMBO gamerz , can’t get to the one on techzim , the people whom those phone numbers belong to are long gone

  3. Hokage

    Mmmm ndarwadziwa , it’s high time Government ya recognisawo ma eSports , I can’t believe the eSports scene is like this in Zimbabwe , eSports pays more than football (well the football in Zimbabwe) and it demands less , hapana need yekudiridza pitch or even need ye pitch , mobile eSports are now a serious thing , all we need are just phones and some internet connection , ngadai vakaisawo ma eSports muma Univerties or even schools , it’ll be good ,
    Pakudawo ka kanational team ke Call of duty .Itai plan tipinde I’m wasting away here

    1. Missing Nin

      “Tik tok, Mr Wrist!” said RSI and Arthritis

      1. flysiddthesoulutionexe


    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      You don’t need government to recognise it as a sport to participate. If the sport is lucrative, sponsors will come. “Dai hurumende”, doesn’t get most people far.

  4. Isaac

    Wow this is nice. Wish them the best. BTW, does that mean ana Sudoku do not count?

    1. Anonymous


      1. Mr Robot


  5. Alex

    Hie guys can you help me by answering my question.

    Is MuzindaHub website still accessible without data bundles on econet or zvakagarwa?

    Can you provide me with the link

    1. Father Geazette


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