AI could replace 300 million jobs, complete free Google and Microsoft courses to upskill and survive

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It is easy to look at the AI boom as just a superficial one. We have seen various technologies hyped up to the 10th degree only to fizzle out. So, we have reason to think it’s all about chatbots writing poems. That’s increasingly looking like a wrong assumption.

Goldman Sachs researched and estimated that AI will replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs in the US and Europe alone.

Different sectors will be affected differently. The report says 46% of tasks in administrative and 44% in legal professions can be automated, meaning humans can be replaced easily. The table below does not make for comfortable reading.

Source: Goldman Sachs

It’s not all bad though. Whenever we hear talk of technology replacing jobs, most are quick to point out that it creates jobs too. Research shows that 60% of workers are in jobs that did not exist in 1940. So, as some jobs have been taken over by technology, some have been created.

However, some research shows that since the 1980s, technology has not created as many jobs as it has replaced. That makes sense if you think about it. When all is said and done, technology is causing unemployment.

However, one can make sure they are not in the camp that loses their job because of technological advancement. AI need not render you unemployed.

One needs only gain new skills and they will be able to offer something in the coming AI age. Some research estimates that AI will create 97 million jobs by 2025. That’s a short period of time and yet almost 100 million jobs will be created.

Where to start

There are many jobs that AI will not easily replace. The World Economic Forum says you should gain skills in the following to avoid job loss:

  • Creativity
  • Co-operation
  • Personal communication
  • Managerial and entrepreneurial skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Empathy and active listening
  • Leadership and social influence

In addition, basic mathematics, strong verbal and written communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and problem-solving are also important skills to cultivate.

You might also want to work in AI. Humans are still needed to write algorithms after all. If you decided to go down that path, you might want to first look at the certifications that Google and Microsoft are offering.

Google Machine Learning and AI courses

Career Essentials in Generative AI by Microsoft and LinkedIn

I would recommend you check those links out. You might find that you have it in you to learn some of these skills. That’s just the beginning but I believe that after going through this, you should be in a better position to figure out what to do next.

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Whatever you need to do, there’s an AI that can help. Get on the train, even in Zim, for free


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  1. Edward Ilemba

    How about earning a Certified Blockchain Architect certification……what’s your take?

  2. Isaac

    As long as we need humans to automate tasks that’ll replace humans, there’ll be jobs. I don’t think AI has advanced that much to for that to happen anytime soon but in 10 years, that might be different.

    Can you write something about Midjourney – it literally is mind-blowing. Can’t even believe it’s managed by 10 people.

  3. Shamsul Bahri ben Faat

    May I know what is the opportunity in the future for Data Science and Analytics? Does this field affected by AI? How much AI influence this field?

    1. Isaac

      I think this is one of those fields where we still need humans. The demand is very much likely to go up.

  4. JThinker Savens

    AI will advance yes but l think , people making the assumptions that it will get to AGI, aren’t considering the limitations of developing AI systems, for example processing power , the physics limitations and energy requirements, yes they will build yet more powerful computer chips but quantum tunneling will humble them very soon

    1. Old School Fuzzy Logic

      AGI is a bridge too far for now, but companies don’t need it to clear out some labour costs. Dumb robot loaders have halved staffing at some early adopters, simple procedural cases like traffic tickets are being handled by AI in some firms and online services. Photographers and graphic artists have been put on notice. Writers in America are getting cut rates as ‘Staff Writer’ increasingly means AI. Hollywood writers went on strike partly coz they feel ChatGPT, its kids and the execs are eying their slice of the pie. Ai set upsell records at fast food drive throughs this past month…

      Enough jobs are on the line that without legislated protections, they will vanish in a couple of years to specialised dumb AIs

  5. Declspec

    This is wrong. AI is not gonna replace anyone’s job. Coz its not as smart as they say it is

    1. Anonymous

      Go & read about Moore’s Law.
      I’m sure it’ll be a wake up call.

      My two cents,
      You’re (by that I mean We’re) not so concerned as much about AI coz we are in Third World Countries. That ignorance is a dangerous precedent championed by our Civic rulers.

      Always playing catch up. Sad

    2. Old School Fuzzy Logic

      Registrars Office needs a big dose of AI. Why on earth are we still ping-ponging between 20 desks for simple documents in this day and age! Zim is small enough that I say throw AI or even Excel formulas at anything with straight forward steps in gov! 😂

  6. Smyle

    a hundred of Job yes! i wanna ask and i want to know if some of interested applicant are not collage degree and also high school level only . or maybe under gradute!? is there any qualification ?

  7. Dr Adil Mufti

    In education sector, teacher who teach what they have learner but Robatic Humonid teacher can teach what Noble price winner knows so human teachers could be replaced by Robotic Humaoid Teachers

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