Q2 2023 highlights, Mobile subs fell, fixed subs went up, Postal & Courier revenues up 249%

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POTRAZ has released the Q2 2023 highlights report by the Director General. While we wait for the full Q3 report, here are some of the takeaways from the report. You can click here to view the report.

  • Active mobile subscriptions dropped by 0.7% from 14,051,251 to 13,955,937 which also dropped the mobile penetration rate by the same margin to 91.9% from 92.6%
  • Mobile internet subscriptions dropped by 0.2% to 9,902,500 from 9,920,847 dropping the internet penetration rate to 65.2% from 65.4%.
  • The total number of fixed lines grew by 3.2% to reach 301,465 from 292,253 increasing fixed teledensity by 0.06% to 1.99%, from 1.93% in Q1.
  • Internet and data usage grew by 11.6% to 42,058.3 Terabytes (TB) in Q2, from 37,690.4 Terabytes in Q1
  • Used incoming bandwidth increased by 8.3% to 318,742Mbps, from 294,201Mbps.
  • Landline voice traffic decreased by 6.5% to 72.4 million minutes in Q2 from 77.4 million minutes recorded in Q1
  • Mobile voice traffic increased by 0.2% to record 2.53 billion minutes in Q2 from 2.52 billion minutes in Q1
  • Postal and Courier volumes increased by 2% to 536,986 items in Q2 of 2023, from 526,305 in Q1
  • Revenues went up. IAP revenues grew by 136.9%, Postal and courier revenues grew by 249% and mobile operator revenues grew by 170.5%. Their operating costs were higher at 428.8% for IAPs and 300.8% for Postal and Courier services. Mobile operator costs were lower than revenues at 109.9%

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  1. Copper Top

    Is ADSL eating mobile’s snacks?

  2. Kondwani Chilinda

    The report should be complete by some underlying analysis of why figures in particular directions

  3. adiihake

    Dzangovawo nharo dzefixed land line service or should we say these are the last kicks of a dying horse. 2% penetration over a very wide geographical spread does prove to be inefficient at resource management and network maintenance. Doing away with such ancient tech is worth a lot of savings

    1. Chinese zodiac

      Landlines play an important role in hotels, receptions and offices

  4. Chinese zodiac

    Landlines play an important role in hotels, receptions and offices because of their fixed dialing cheaper tariffs favourable for businesses

    1. adiihake

      You mean to say Zimbabwean businesses account for 2%, then it means we have no business at all to talk about. If you check your records properly you would find that the greatest chunk of these fixed land lines are installed in mistly government institut8 rather than private busin8

      1. Prince

        You make sense! After all, it’s Africom at play here.
        Seems its just one of those grand Gvt ‘contracts’

    2. Oldtech

      That small number of subscribers tells you that the technology is outdated and no longer important for business.

    3. Cyber-Net

      That is backwardness to still think of fixed landline as important
      People and businesses needs to evolve specially here in Zim
      Do away with those fixed landline
      VoIP the way to go kwete dzimwe dziya dziya

  5. and so what ?

    who gives a s h ! t ?

    1. A hug a day keeps the bitterness away

      😂 Literally an entire industry and its attendant stakeholders, some TZ readers included! Don’t be afraid to ask for a hug if you need it!

      1. Fanny Im back

        🤣😭 kkkkkkk 😭🤣

  6. Fanny Im back

    😭🤣Kkkkkkk 😭🤣

  7. Cheleni Tafadzwa


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