O’mari running aggressive promotion – send, Zipit, cash out free

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And the battle continues heating up. EcoCash came first, InnBucks came in like a wrecking ball and now O’mari is making a go for it.

O’mari’s latest promotion, the For Mahala USD Wallet Promo, is a ‘sweet’ one as they put it. They slapped a big old ‘FREE’ on some transactions. You won’t be charged anything and not even the govt will get its grubby little hands on your money – i.e. there is no IMT Tax.

Do note though that Mthuli doesn’t play those games and so the tax will be paid one way or the other. O’mari will have to pay it for you. They can manage, they have the financial muscle.

Here’s what’s free:

  • Send money
  • Cash Out

Bill payments and VISA transactions are not part of the promotion.

An aggressive promotion

The promotion runs until the 30th of April and it is quite an aggressive one. For as long as the promotion runs, using O’mari will be the same as physically handing the cash to your loved one. No one asks for ‘yedrink’ for ‘carrying the envelope’ across the country.

This promotion will cost O’mari but can you put a price on customer acquisition? This is just how business is done, modern business especially.

Just the other week we were talking about ride-hailing businesses running 6-month long promotions where they charge neither the driver nor the rider. It’s the same aggressive move but it’s not for the faint of pocket.

We saw InnBucks run its “Send Money Home Free” promotion targeting Zimbabweans living outside the country. Oh, and how can we forget EcoCash giving us all a dollar each when we first signed up way back when.

You will note that none of these businesses are exactly your typical Zimbabwean startup. The ride-hailers are multinationals that are using their Silicon Valley-sourced funds to gain market share whilts O’mari is part of a multinational behemoth itself. InnBucks is a Simbisa product and EcoCash is part of the Econet group.

Of course, as consumers we can’t help but love these aggressive promotions, they lead to lower costs for us and Lord knows, our weary wallets could do with the respite, however shortlived.

However, one then wonders how startups with shallower pockets will ever compete. With most, if not all, startups complaining about how hard it is to raise funds, will they be able to match these crazy good promotions?

Food for thought, I guess. Anyway, enjoy your free O’mari whilst stocks last.

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  1. Anonymous

    How do you access Omari on your mobile phone?

    1. J


      1. Randie05

        Simply dial *707# on any network (whether you have Econet, NetOne or Telecel) and follow the easy steps to register in just 60 seconds. All you need is your name, surname, ID number, date of birth and gender and you are good to go. You can also access it via whatsApp 0774707707 and the Mobile App (available on iOS and Android).

  2. Anonymous

    Can O’ mari make online payments, of EcoCash VCN calibre?

    1. Tariro

      You can make online payments. I got my physical VISA card at CABS 2nd stand it works wonders. I tried it outside Zim, in SA and I am yet to see a better user experience. I also use their VCN card to pay for my Shein products online from time to time. I got it by requesting it on their mobile app.

  3. Blesin

    I used to use Omari but their charges is a little bit extreme then I went back to Mycash which offer better services. Omari customer services is not that friendly as they tend to just ignore your calls and don’t do follow ups. They are not that helpful
    Omari is the worst product I have used so far. No longer use it not worth it.

    1. Anonymous

      After seeing many things in zim I can assure you at the end of the day only Eco cash will still be there

    2. Ngwere

      #O’mari is the new kid in the block. Visa card ravo chamboko. I used it on Alibaba and its supper. Its also cheaper than most players.

    3. Martin Mangwana

      I started using O’mari this year. I actually noticed its more cheaper for me to send money locally to my Parents in Kadoma.

      Following the Mahala campaign launch, l was motivated to buy myself a Visa card from one of their Brand Ambassadors. Ooooh trust me guys, the card is the best in the market so far for online payments eg DSTV and Netflix.

      Does anyone know if cash-in on O’mari is also free?

    4. Anonymous

      O’mari is the cheapest wallet in town, usanyeperwe. Old Mutual yagara muZimbabwe, kutopfuura EcoCash yacho. Hakuna kwairikuenda and its going to give other players headaches.

      1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

        Isa macomments nguva dzakasiyana-siyana, kwete matatu akatevedzana. πŸ˜‚

  4. Ladyintech

    This is a sweet, sweet promotion! Thanks O’mari, my pockets are smiling!

  5. Anonymous

    Insightful article because I didn’t even know what this Mahala thing was. Just heard it on radio and on Facebook. So one question from me. Are you saying I can put money in this thing, send it to my mother at no charge at all, and she will get the money as is?

  6. Nitpik

    The comments here look like they’ve been paid for or written by one brand ambassador. Can’t knock the hustle though.

    1. D1vant

      I thought so too, great marketing

  7. Admire Kamutimbe from THE TECHHUB SHOW PODCAST

    It’s the “Mthuli does not play like that….” part for me 😁😁😁

  8. Jijita

    Tho payment was done swiftly .They charge $1 for every $4 online payment.

  9. Teemanie

    What are their charges on visa

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