InnBucks now offering remittances from South Africa

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InnBucks recently sent an SMS informing its subscribers that they will now be able to access higher transaction limits as well as receive money from South Africa. To do so, those sending money from South Africa will need to do so using this link or using the Clicksendnow app.

InnBucks also requires an additional KYC for you to be able to enjoy the higher transaction limits as well as receive money from South Africa. The KYC starter level includes your name, ID number, phone number, nationality, date of birth, gender, and residential address. This will only allow you to transact locally

Additionally, you will need to take a photo of your identification document. This can be your plastic or metal ID, passport, or driver’s license. The final step is a selfie which will be used to see if you are the same person on your ID and a signature. If everything adds up then your KYC will be upgraded to level 2.

Those in South Africa looking to send money to InnBucks subscribers in Zimbabwe will use the Clicksendnow website or app. They will create an account on the platform that will be used to send money. The minimum amount one can send is US$10 and their service attracts a 6% transaction fee.

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  1. Ronald Mapanda

    The biggest problems I have encountered with this app is
    1) if you dont have internet you cannot transact on this app , even a simple thing as checking your balance
    2) if you need to consult with their helpdesk , forget it , no chance , these guys believe their AI will deal with you.
    Maybe if they can improve on that people might be more interested in using their service

    1. Dissatisfied

      Well said. I couldn’t complete login on the app. The verification code didn’t come. I went on WhatsApp. The AI BOT didn’t help. It said our team will be in touch. That was it up to now

  2. Ane Mudiwa

    System down time esp here in Mtre is another issue.
    Long winding ques at one point the whole of Mutare is something thy need to address.

    1. Ex Montibus Robur

      Almost all of Simbisa is on one road right? Ayas, I’ve been away from home too long! In Harare, I saw little kiosks within their food courts. If they are serious about this business, the should throw a few into some retail chains to boost accessibility

      1. Farai Ted Mandoreba

        I second you on that of having their kiosks in major retail stores…. But i think they wont for now … If look at how many outlets they have… they will not consider that option soon…but in the case like Mutare…they must open more kiosks

  3. Justice Makaza

    Need verification code

    1. Justice Makaza

      Where to deposit in south Africa

  4. Coincide

    Your app is not easy l try to sign in but l could

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