These are the Galaxy AI features on the S24 coming to older Samsung devices

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series does not look like a major upgrade on paper but reviews say otherwise. The refinements Samsung made, coupled with the admittedly incremental hardware upgrades somehow led to some killer devices.

The main thing that stood out with the S24 range is Galaxy AI. Samsung has gone all in on artificial intelligence. While many companies have thrown AI into a lot of products just to ride the wave, it appears Samsung’s AI integration was well thought out.

We talked about Galaxy AI here. You can find out what makes these S24s special there.

The beauty of AI is that it is software, meaning older Galaxy devices can get Galaxy AI services as a software upgrade. Hardware permitting, of course. There might be some features that rely on the latest hardware only available on the S24s.

When the S24s were released, Samsung said some AI features would be coming to older devices before July 2024. We now have an idea of which Galaxy AI features may be coming to older Galaxies.

Some dude got Samsung UK to confirm that following are definitely coming to older devices:

  • Circle to Search – allows you to circle, scribble, or select anything on your screen and start a Google Search for it.
  • Live Translate – offers real-time translation of text and conversations using your camera or keyboard.
  • Note Assist – summarizes handwritten notes and extracts key points.
  • Photo Assist – provides suggestions for improving your photos, like adjusting composition and lighting. Also brings the cool generative editing features.

Well, I would argue that those are the major AI features on the S24 and older devices are getting those. So, what’s missing?

Samsung UK did not say anything about the following features – Generative Wallpapers, Interpreter, Chat Assist and Transcript Assist.

This doesn’t mean they won’t be coming to older devices. It just means they did not confirm they were coming.

I hope they come, even if I think they are not as cool as the ones that were confirmed. I can see Samsung trying to keep some features exclusive to the S24. They have to justify the S24’s existence after all.

Which older devices will be getting the AI features? The devices specifically mentioned by Samsung are: the S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5, and Tab S9 series. If you have one of those expect Galaxy AI to hit your device with the One UI 6.1 update.

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    That’s cool. It’s a little extra overhead in return for a lot of good will.

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    They will make it since they are software just like east Google Pixel phones does. Eventually they will make a few phone models so it makes sense why they partnered Google this time around

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    What of S21 plus

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    AI implemented in a big way. That’s the way to go

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