The Energizer phone has a 28,000mAh battery, much bigger than your power bank’s

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I think we can be certain that every Zimbabwean who can afford a smartphone has had to save up to get a power bank. Only those with feature phones (mdudzi) that can go for a week on one charge are comfortable walking around with no extra juice.

Here’s the question – if you’re going to be walking around with a phone and a power bank, what if we combined the two to make one device? What if your smartphone could last for a week on battery power?

That’s exactly what Energizer is offering. You know Energizer as the battery company and it makes sense that they would release a phone that has crazy battery life.

The Energizer Hard Case P28K is not your typical smartphone. It packs a 28,000mAh battery, which is way more than your power bank has. Most power banks on our streets have 10,000mAh batteries, while the beefier ones pack 20,000mAh.

So, the Energizer phone has 8,000mAh more than the bigger power banks you see on the streets.

For context, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the popular in Zim Itel A70 both pack 5,000mAh batteries. In fact, most smartphones have 5,000 or less, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 4,422mAh cell.

So, imagine what a 28,000mAh battery provides. Energizer says you can go a full week without topping up, something every Zimbabwean would appreciate. It is rated for just over 5 days of talk time (122 hours) and has a mind-boggling 2252-hour standby time (94 days).

Beyond the battery

The phone itself has a mid-range MediaTek MT6789 processor, better than the one in the Itel S23+ by quite a margin.

It comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. You’ll interact with it on a 6.78-inch 1080p display. If you are a weakling you might not be able to handle this 570g beast. That’s a little more than half a kg for a phone.

The phone is 2.78cm thick, which is approximately 3 times as thick as an average phone like the Galaxy S24 or iPhone 15.

There is also the peace of mind that comes from the Energizer Hard Case coming with an IP69 rating. Meaning it can be dunked in water and can resist dust just like the flagships out there.

The Energizer Hard Case P28K will go on sale in October and you’ll need to fork out about $271 to get it. That sounds like a great deal to me.

The phone is targeted at countries without a regular power supply and they might as well have just said Zimbabwe. The phone is not even being released in the US because they don’t need it.

Would you rock this bad boy or would you rather have a midrange phone plus a power bank instead of this?

Do note that Energizer is not really the one making this phone but rather Avenir Telecom which licences the name Energizer. Also, this is not the first time they have combined to gift us this kind of phone – the last one had an 18,000mAh battery.

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  1. Chunky Chonk

    😂 what a unit! Can you imagine doom scrolling in bed then it slips from your hand? If you’re lucky, it crushes your chest, if you’re unlucky, it shatters your skull!!!

    It’s still a nice idea with plenty of utility to the right people, but I don’t think I can handle that beast as a main phone. But, I can definitely see me keeping it as a second phone.

    1. Anonymous

      Ohhhh 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Black Face

    I can’t wait for such a beast of a phone,October is too far away and I want it says soon as yesterday.

    It will do also for my old man who is at home.

    1. Cb

      95 days on standby here

      1. Munya

        Can it charge other phones

  3. MAN

    I hear Alon Musk has refused to appear a South African Competition Commission inquiry on the impact that big tec companies have on South African news sector.

    1. Sharing is caring

      I wonder what the point is. Do they want him to ban sharing of South African news? Or do they want him to pay a tax to publishing houses and networks every time someone says something even similar to what they put out or links them? I confess I wasn’t paying attention when other countries tried this stuff but I seriously don’t see the point. Can someone explain

      1. MAN

        May be Mr Sengere will get the juicy story behind his refusal to appear before the Commission.

        1. As I see it

          Elon Musk is American born of SouthAfrican parents so is our TreyNyoni they can refute claims that they Africans and with such commissioning inquiries on Elon Musk I feel he’s let down by what he’s called the home country, rather they should be promoting him and all his adventures not all these good for nothing questions and answers segment,
          As for Our youthful Trey I say he should walk in alleyway where Liverpool greats are written and I’m sure he would be inspired by the most decorated goalie not only in Liverpool but England and Europe in the name of our Zimbabwean Bruce “kopela” Grobelaar I’m sure he would be charmed to be Zimbabwean

  4. CyberGhost

    Kkkk I don’t see myself rocking this bad boy as my main driver,but nice try from Energizer it’s great as a second phone especially one to take when traveling and living offgrid

  5. Anonymous

    Wonder how long it would take to charge

    1. King Bosso III

      With the crazy fast charge technology these days i bet it wont be a long time charging that beast

  6. heading to the gym

    definitely worth a look if they put a mid tier snapdragon 7 gen 2 and oled screen
    it’s got enough space for head phone jack
    the money you save will be used to reinforce you pockets
    half kg is insane

  7. Mr Lacoste

    I used a tecno pova 2 with 7000mah btry, on average use ie a bit of googling, youtubing n whatsapping, i culd go for almost 3 dayz on a single charge, and the specs a decent too

  8. Techie

    They should make it a gaming phone, I raise you asus

    1. Workout Phone

      Imagine holding up a 28mm thick, half kg block as you would a phone for 30 minutes and I’m sure you will understand their reluctance to do so!

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