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Customer service meets digital through social media

I was recently invited to present a paper on customer service in the digital era at a conference that was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. I focused on how brands can effectively utilise digital tools in the delivery of great customer service. Customer service has emerged as the key differential in the extremely competitive environment […]

How to enhance the “aboutness” of your website

Many company websites suck from a user and search engine point of view. This is because more emphasis is placed on aesthetics than on the website’s “aboutness”. A company that does not have an effective website that helps in making its products and services visible is not different from a company that does not have a […]

How Google+ will improve the visibility of your digital assets

  It is often punted that Facebook is a universe and other social networking platforms are just planets living in it. This might seem to be an indisputable truism as the numbers back it up. However, considered in isolation, the figures alone are a wrong determinant of the efficacy of a social networking platform. Other much smaller platforms provide […]

How to turn your website into a gold mine

The Internet is a jungle populated by millions of websites with each clamoring for the elusive attention of the click-happy internet users. It is a dog eat dog world in which brands ruthlessly compete for online visibility via search engines. Unfortunately, the only way to the top is by stepping on the heads of others. […]

Here’s why the church needs tech

  The church and technology have always been projected as strange bedfellows yet in actual fact they go well together like Dembare and Chris “Romario” Musekiwa. I understand the source of this misconception. For many years, the church was disparaged as an anti-intellectual institution. However, this is a lie as there have been many great […]

Emotional branding – A love affair between consumers and brands

  I recently carried out a survey of newspaper advertisements and i was shocked to learn that the majority are solely based on unsentimental logic and product specifications that do very little to tap into the power of consumers’ emotions. Upon reflection, I also realised that the marketing communication put out by a number of […]

Furor over WhatsApp outage shows product-market fit

Most WhatsApp users worldwide still remember with indignation the day the roof fell on their favourite social chat platform after its server had crashed. The result was a tortuous social media outage that disrupted communication for 210 minutes. A huge outcry that was amplified on social media followed this event as users flocked to Twitter […]

Video marketing – Not just another fancy fad

Video marketing is really the future of content marketing and fortunately, it is not exclusive to bigger brands with huge budgets. Small to medium companies, both formal and informal, can actually leverage creative video campaigns on a shoe string budget and still get the same results as their counterparts. The secret of success of any […]

Zvinhu Zvirikufaya viral videos and social media marketing

There really is no stopping this “Zvinhu Zvirikufaya” craze that has gripped social media is there? More and more amusing videos are being churned out by Zimbabweans and being posted on the popular Facebook page.   The latest video on Facebook features this snazzy dude drinking home brewed masese (opaque traditional Zimbabwean beer) from a wine […]

Meet The Three Musketeers of social media

Social advertising has become the darling of many brands across a spectrum of industries. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, social media is on an explosive growth curve and provide marketers with a triumvirate of benefits which are: Reach Relevance Relationships Reach: Social media is currently the number one online activity, having overtaken emails. Membership […]