Author: Olorin

AMD unveils Zen 3 CPUs with a huge speed boost to kick Intel where it hurts

Earlier today AMD’s CEO Lisa Su unveiled the company’s brand new Ryzen 5000 series of CPUs, based on their latest Zen 3 microarchitecture. The 25 minute YouTube premier, in which Su gave a nod to the company’s Zen hardware in the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles, finally shed light on four powerful new CPUs and […]

Cogent Blocked By ARIN For Spamming Users

Cogent has a seemingly neverending list of scandals surrounding its company, the latest of which sees ARIN lose its temper and ban Cogent from accessing its WHOIS database. But who is Cogent, you ask? Well, they are the third largest Internet connectivity provider in the world. You probably haven’t heard of them, but that’s okay, […]

8Chan fallout causes collapse of CDN & DDoS specialist

Yesterday we reported that the notorious ‘free-speech’ site 8Chan was booted from Cloudflare’s service, where it hid behind layers of Cloudflare’s Anti-DDoS and Web Application Firewall technologies to stay online. Today we’ve learned that the fallout between 8Chan and Cloudflare has resulted in the collapse of an alternative Cloudflare-like DDoS, CDN and WAF specialist hosting […]

AMD overtakes Intel for the first time in two decades

It’s no secret that AMD has struggled to keep up the pace with Intel, who have dominated the processor marketplace for both desktop, laptop and server markets for the last two decades. In 2017, AMD set out to change that; with the launch of AMD’s “Zen” architecture and out came the Ryzen 1000 CPU series […]