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Zimbabwe should jump on floating solar panels, would benefit Kariba

Three Gorges New Energy Floating Solar Farm, China. Image Credit: YSG Solar The British are known to talk about the weather, a lot. Some say it’s just an icebreaker or awkward silence filler topic but the main reason is that the weather is mostly terrible. The same applies to Zimbabwe when it comes to the […]

Solar for Health project has saved lives, showing that ZESA has blood on its hands for its failures

The thing I hate about Zimbabwe is how it messes with your mind to think basic services are luxuries you should not even think about. Medicine at a hospital? Come back to earth o dreamer. Water out of a tap on demand? What do you think this is, Mansa Musa’s palace? Being the good Zimbabweans […]

Intensive load shedding is imminent as Kariba lake levels are too low to generate electricity

The water levels at Kariba lake have dropped to really low levels to the extent that by mid-December of 2022 there will be no more water to generate electricity. In fact, if we are to look at the Zambezi River Authority’s graphs, they show that the level has gone lower than the lowest point in […]

The best solar system to buy in Zimbabwe

For obvious reasons you want to purchase a solar system for your home but you are not sure of which one to get or where to get it. We did a piece on prices for solar systems from different stores in Harare just to compare the costs of the different systems. In this article, things […]