Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is both underwhelming and great, or so it looks

If you ever needed more proof that it is now wasteful to upgrade your phone every year, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Samsung launched this year’s latest and greatest yesterday and as you would expect, it seems like the phones are great. Just not when you’re comparing them to last year’s […]

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) grew by 79%, global equities lost a fifth of their value in 2022

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has had its ups and downs and 2022 was a toughie. Zimbabwe continues to be a challenging environment to operate in for the companies listed on the exchange. However, in the past, that has not necessarily meant that the ZSE struggles. The ZSE had a good 2021, growing by 314%, […]

Another Zimbabwean station, NRTV, launches on DStv today

It was just the other day when we were talking about 3Ktv and how it’s apparently beating out South African channels in Zimbabwe. That is great to see. Like the channel or not, some people are clearly getting their entertainment itch scratched there. In the discussion, some in our community felt ZTN was better than […]

WhatsApp becomes a note taking app, working to allow sending photos in OG quality

I’m still a bit surprised that WhatsApp won the messaging battle. It wasn’t my pick back then but its simplicity won it favour with the masses and it’s now the default messaging app. In Zimbabwe it is not only the default messaging app, it’s also pretty much the internet. For many people it is where […]

3ktv is beating South African channels in Zimbabwe, big deal or nah?

There is something about consuming something Zimbabwean, whether it be physical or digital. You get this weird patriotic feeling that is hard to explain. You almost always know that you probably could have had some foreign alternative that would most likely have been better but for some reason, the local product satisfies more. Thanks for […]

Huawei unveils a solar power backup product in South Africa. How good is it?

Huawei held the Mate 50 launch in South Africa recently and while it was exciting that they are bringing their flagship devices to Africa, what was even more exciting was the other products around the launch. Namely their power backup solution in the form of the Huawei iSitePower-M. It’s an all-in-one power backup solution that […]

Dandemutande partners with BCS for an US$8 million 891km fiber network expansion

Dandemutande has announced that it is partnering with Broadband and Cloud Services Group (BCS) to expand its fiber network. They have injected US$5 million into the expansion project with is riding on BCSs current fiber expansion project. Dandemutande’s section will span Somabula to Harare via Gweru and from Bulawayo to Plumtree and will be completed […]

While Zimbabwe dilly-dallies, the clock is ticking on vast Lithium deposits

For such a poor country, Zimbabwe has an embarrassment of natural resources. We have almost every precious mineral you can think of in large quantities. Even in the fictional world of Vibranium, Zimbabwe is blessed too. It was hogwash but Kadoma was on the map in the electrically charged rocks stakes. Back in the real […]

Outlook and Teams are down for thousands of users. Microsoft Azure network outage is the cause.

Microsoft Azure is facing a global outage to what they are claiming is a subset of their users. The classification of this subset of users is not specified however Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, services that run on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform seem to be down. Azure Networking – Multiple regions – Investigating Starting […]

Sadly, claims that electrically charged rocks (vibranium) found in DRC and Kadoma are false

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a natural resource-rich country. So, when claims started popping up talking about fancy new electrically charged rocks found there, we all wanted to believe. The claims, all over social media, said the rocks worked like natural batteries. They claimed you could pick one up and it would be […]