Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

BaseUS car charger. It’s 120W and doesn’t sacrifice the lighter. The best of both worlds

It’s an ordinary-looking car charger by BaseUS with 2 USB ports but is rated at 120W. Each port can push out a maximum of 30W with multiple output modes including 15W, 18W, and 20W.  What gets interesting is the back of it which is a cigarette lighter socket like the one you would plug this […]

‘Dubai is the financial capital of Africa?’ What is the Gold Mafia talking about?

Image Credit: David Rodrigo, Unsplash One statement in the Al Jazeera documentary on corruption and looting in Zimbabwe stuck with me. One guy said ‘Dubai is Africa’s financial capital’ or something to that order. It wasn’t the first time I had heard that, but it was the first time I cared. My little geography knowledge […]

Govt considering shutting down 3 power stations, Hwange Units 1-6 should be evaluated too

The circus that is Zimbabwe’s power generation continues. The country remains in literal and figurative darkness as electricity demand continues to outpace supply. As I write this, the Zimbabwe Power Company says we are producing 587MW against a demand that sometimes reaches 2200MW. That is why we are in darkness. We can rig and twist […]

RBZ could face sanctions following Al Jazeera documentary. That’s a big deal

Al Jazeera released the first of four parts to their explosive documentary on corruption and looting in Zimbabwe yesterday. Titled ‘Gold Mafia’ the documentary exposes the dealings of some government officials, prophets, pastors, and businesspeople profiting from the illegal movement of gold. Reactions to the docu have been mixed. Some feel Al Jazeera overpromised and […]

Bing AI seems to be doing a better job at this AI stuff than Bard AI

Ahh yes. So if this were a battle of Microsoft’s Bing AI and Google’s Bard AI, Microsoft would already have the advantage. As far as I know, Microsoft did not region-lock their public beta the way Google is. Which probably will be a trend in the approaches these 2 companies will follow. Round 1: Bing […]

A watch that measures BP, a watch with buds in it, and a watch with swappable frames. Huawei has them all

Huawei makes some very unique and good-looking smartwatches. The one I have with me is the GT2 Classic that I bought in 2020 and the 3 features it has that I use the most are viewing messages and notifications on it without pulling out my phone, the flashlight feature, and skipping between music as well […]

POSB launches dual currency Mastercard debit card and joins the prepaid USD card fight

The People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) has partnered with Mastercard to unveil new debit and prepaid cards. Okay, ‘what’s interesting about that?’ – you ask. Read on. Mastercard debit The more interesting of the two is the debit card. The Mastercard debit card allows customers to make dual currency transactions on the same card. That […]

They are 3D-printing cakes now, edible and everything. They can do chicken too

Image credit: Jonathan Blutinger / Columbia Engineering Just when you think you have seen it all, you see something like this. They are printing cakes now. Do those words mean what they traditionally meant? – you are forced to wonder. But yes, they are 3D-printing cakes that apparently taste pretty sweet. Researchers at Columbia University […]

Starlink future in danger? Scientists calling for ban on low Earth orbit satellites it uses

I know most of us are looking at Starlink as some kind of saviour. We have been disappointed enough by the current internet service providers in this country that we cling to any hope of a new player entering the fray. When Starlink said they were coming to Zimbabwe this calendar year, the excitement reached […]

You doubted them, Hwange Unit 7 now feeding electricity into national grid

We were starting to think it was never gonna happen. We had been told that the commissioning of Hwange Unit 7 was imminent too many times before. The day finally came, the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) is proud to announce. Unit 7 was successfully synchronised late yesterday, Monday the 20th of March. As we speak, […]