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Not sure how to get the most out of AI like Bard and ChatGPT? – here are prompts to get you started

It’s crazy that to this day, even though we have been Googling for years, most of us don’t know how to properly use Google. It’s not an indictment or anything, it’s just reality, even if some feel offended by that fact. You can imagine how much more we don’t know how to properly use these […]

Econet sees 58% and 19% increases in data and voice usage but posts losses, blames low tariffs

Econet Wireless has been on a mission to diversify its portfolio of service offerings over the years. They say they want to be a “fully-fledged digital services provider.” They are not yet there and we could debate the progress they have made so far but the fact remains, for now, voice revenue remains important to […]

Starlink intends to come to Zimbabwe between October and December 2023

We know there is a lot of excitement around Starlink. We already knew that Starlink had indicated that they would be coming to Zimbabwe this year, 2023. It’s already June and we were starting to wonder when that would happen. We now have an answer. Starlink intends to come to Zimbabwe in Q4 2023. That […]

Econet posts $17b (US$15m) loss, down ZW$57b from last year’s profit, actual position likely worse

If I asked you how valuable ZW$5000 was this time last year, you would struggle to answer that. You would only get an idea of the value by looking for an invoice from that time, or by trying to remember what the price of something that’s not subject to price controls was. So, when Econet […]

Telecel might be struggling but its few remaining subscribers are the happiest. Results of the Mobile Internet survey we ran.

A few weeks ago we ran a survey on your experiences with Mobile Internet performance in Zimbabwe. We collected a total of 939 responses and for all those that participated a very big thank you to you. The survey data is available to view here in the form of a spreadsheet. If there are any […]

Econet, EcoCash looking to raise US$30.3 million each to pay back debt, hence the rights offers

A couple of years ago Econet Wireless and EcoCash Holdings called for an early redemption of debentures. That may sound like Greek to some but you can get the explainer here: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe calls for early redemption of debentures. In short and in English, Econet/EcoCash owed US$73 million (debentures+interest) which had to be paid […]

Tecno Camon 20. It’s a sin to hide its beauty in a pouch.

I have to hand it to Tecno, they have been on a mission to make their smartphones stand out with great design. A departure from the plain and boring glass sandwich slabs we are now used to. They really don’t want you to put a case on this smartphone and if you really must I […]

Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G. 512GB internal storage, solid cameras, a long-lasting battery, and a leather back

The Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G is a striking smartphone I won’t lie. Big on looks, big on features, and big on storage. The back is Lychee pattern leather with a soft, rubber feel to it which reminds me of the leather-backed LG G4 I once had back in 2015. It has 2 absolutely massive […]

The highest-grossing media content of all time – $100 billion in revenue for No. 1

I realised that whenever I’m awake I’m consuming some media content, one way or the other. It’s ridiculous. There’s an argument that dreams are actually media and if that’s the case then I don’t really have an off switch. This media consumption of mine had me wondering, what is the greatest piece of media ever […]

E-creator will make some people money before it folds, shattering many – classic Ponzi scheme

Going by some of the responses we got when we talked about E-creator being a scam, we might need to get back to defining what pyramid and Ponzi schemes are. Oh, and we might also need to touch on multi-level marketing and microwork, both of which can be utilised by legit businesses, complicating the issue. […]