Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Intensive load shedding is imminent as Kariba lake levels are too low to generate electricity

The water levels at Kariba lake have dropped to really low levels to the extent that by mid-December of 2022 there will be no more water to generate electricity. In fact, if we are to look at the Zambezi River Authority’s graphs, they show that the level has gone lower than the lowest point in […]

60 minutes and 500MB FREE when you buy US$5 airtime on Telecel.

It’s that time again to hunt for that Telecel line. They have announced the Free for Five promotion, rewarding their customers with free on-net minutes and data when they spend US$5, US$3, and US$2 in airtime. RTGS purchases also qualify because we have to be all-inclusive. This is what the rewards will look like. The […]

Govt cuts tax on domestic forex transfers from 4 to 2%, too little too late?

It is funny how often we, ordinary people, can clearly see the downsides to some of the decisions our highly educated leaders make. Some of the decisions they make are highly suspect, and no one can blame us for coming up with conspiracy theories in response. The government came up with their infamous 2% Intermediated […]

Joina City working on being Zimbabwe’s first shopping mall to open 24 hours a day

The times are pretty convenient. We have the holiday season upon us and we always have last-minute shoppers so this could be that one place where you might be able to get a last-minute Christmas gift. This is of course subject to the retailers within the mall keeping their doors open. In their Facebook post, […]

TCL opens up shop in Zimbabwe ready to take on the biggest names in home appliances

TCL is one of the biggest home appliance brands well known for making decent products at reasonable prices. A value-for-money brand against the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG in the home appliances market. In 2021 TCL made inroads into South Africa and the reception was good enough for them to think about expanding to […]

Spending most of the day staring at screens? Protect your eyes from strain using these home remedies

The life expectancy in Zimbabwe is around 62 years. That means our middle age is in the 30s and as a middle-ager, I can tell you for free, your body starts preparing for the long sleep once you hit the big three-oh. I recently had to tend to my decaying body. A half-life of staring […]

Thinking of asking the Ministry of Finance some questions? They gave us their number

I’m not going to lie these are interesting times. Just last week the RBZ was crowdsourcing thoughts and ideas on a Central Bank Digital Currency that they are working on. Now the top office that is the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has shared its WhatsApp contact numbers that anyone can use to reach […]

FBC, another Zim Financial services firm to branch out to Botswana

Just last week ZB Financial Holdings officially launched a reinsurance company in Botswana and now FBC has joined the party as well launching their own reinsurance company in the neighboring country. FBC Reinsurance company is the bank’s way of expanding into the region. We are proud of being recognised as an investor friendly, lucrative, safe […]

WhatsApp adds polls and communities. I have some thoughts.

WhatsApp has been busy these past couple of months adding feature after feature to the chat app. They are all pretty interesting with the latest ones being Polls, Communities, and Avatars. So are they any good? Polls Polls are pretty much a way of data collection on whatever topic you desire. The data will come […]

USD rates proposed for 2023 by Harare City Council are near to minimum wage

In a budget announcement done by Harare City Council Finance chairperson Councillor Costa Mande announced proposed USD council rates for 2023. The rates can still be paid in the RTGS equivalent at the prevailing interbank however they will be steep. Really close to the USD150 that the government announced as minimum wage. The USD rates […]