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Distributing the COVID-19 vaccine in Zimbabwe is going to be a nightmare

There are a number of variables that are going make distributing the 3 million COVID-19 vaccine doses around Zimbabwe an absolute nightmare.

Some bank branches may never reopen because of COVID

Owing to COVID-19 and the digital drive that come because of it, some bank branches may be never reopen if ever Zim gets past the pandemic

Bridgerton is a fanciful Shonda Rhimes Netflix production starring a Zimbabwean

One of the few reasons to tolerate Bridgerton is that a Zimbabwean is part of the main cast but in my opinion, it offers little else.

ZimboFit, a homegrown fitness and exercise app

ZimboFit is a homegrown progressive web application (PWA) that offers exercise programs, meal plans, progress tracking and more

Zambian creates programming platform for African languages

Zambian Matthews Chishinji has created a programming language called Hawking that allows almost all Africans to code in their native language.

Econet subsidiary DPA signs US$8 million solar system distribution deal with ZOLA Electric

Econet Subsidiary Distributed Power Africa (DPA) signed a US$8 million distribution deal with Zola Electric’s home solar systems.

Cell C is shutting down, perhaps Telecel should be taking notes

Telecel and Cell C share a lot in common and what latter has been doing recently could serve as a viable strategy for the former.

ZINARA is considering a switch to e-tolling

ZINARA is reportedly considering the introduction of e-tolling on Zimbabwe’s highways in order to deal with congestion and network issues.

Video: Building Harare in Cities Skylines

Our resident Cities Skylines fanatic Rufaro Madamombe attempts to build Harare in the game.

Econet holds the key to Zim getting a Telegram bundle

Econet’s combo bundle structure might be the key to Zimbabwe getting a Telegram or even a Signal bundle as WhatsApp’s Privacy policy furore roars on.