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NetOne Makes Gradual U-Turn on Line Registration, Urges Subscribers to Register Lines

Since the directive to register SIM cards was issued by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) NetOne maintained in the press that their subscribers were registered. Statements like the following one in The Herald of 22 June were common:

POTRAZ Silent on Telecel’s Registration Methods Validity

Exactly a month ago, Telecel Zimbabwe announced some very convenient web and phone based mobile line registration methods. We commended Telecel for the easy registration method. We were also quick to say this probably went against…

The Forgotten Line of Defense: The People

From the beginning hackers have been known for their skills of breaking into computers and networks. They applied different techniques and methodologies in order to break into corporate systems or personal computers.

Getting the Facts Right Part 2: The Role of Leaders in Protecting Information

Getting the facts right: The basics of Protecting Information first article gave us a foundation on the fundamentals of information protection. I must say that this is a broad and technical area that requires a unified approach and effort among all key stakeholders. The expectation is that those that have been charged with the responsibility, the board of directors are taking the lead.

Google Announces Student, Developer & Entrepreneur Events for Uganda and Kenya

Google this week announced the G-Uganda and G-Kenya events. The Uganda event will be held in Kampala starting on September 1 and ending the following day. G-Kenya will start 4 days later at Strathmore University in Nairobi and will last 3 days.

Mecer Zimbabwe is Appointed APC Distribution Partner

Last week, we attended the launch of Mecer Zimbabwe’s new APC distributor status in Harare. The partnership makes them the second official APC distributor in Zimbabwe. The other is Tendo Electronics.

Telecel Says You Don’t Need Proof of Residence or ID Document for SIM Registration

We also expressed concern that POTRAZ might not accept the registrations as valid because the general view is that proof of residence and some form of identity document is required to register. We contacted Telecel to get clarification on this concern.

Telecel Introduces Web and Mobile SIM Registration Facilities

We just received a press release from Telecel announcing that the mobile company has introduced online and mobile registration to comply with the POTRAZ SIM card registration directive issued months ago.

Survey Names Econet the Most Admired Employer in Zimbabwe

In a survey conducted by human resources consultancy firm, Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC), Econet Wireless has emerged the most admired employer in Zimbabwe. Telecel and NetOne also made it into the top 10 at positions 8 and 9 respectively.

Secure Software Development: There is More to it Than Just Writing Code!

In recent years we have seen several technological and software advancements. This has led to a new age made up of various asymmetric cyber attacks, fast paced and ever changing threat landscape