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Econet subsidiary DPA signs US$8 million solar system distribution deal with ZOLA Electric

Econet Subsidiary Distributed Power Africa (DPA) signed a US$8 million distribution deal with Zola Electric’s home solar systems.

Cell C is shutting down, perhaps Telecel should be taking notes

Telecel and Cell C share a lot in common and what latter has been doing recently could serve as a viable strategy for the former.

ZINARA is considering a switch to e-tolling

ZINARA is reportedly considering the introduction of e-tolling on Zimbabwe’s highways in order to deal with congestion and network issues.

Video: Building Harare in Cities Skylines

Our resident Cities Skylines fanatic Rufaro Madamombe attempts to build Harare in the game.

Econet holds the key to Zim getting a Telegram bundle

Econet’s combo bundle structure might be the key to Zimbabwe getting a Telegram or even a Signal bundle as WhatsApp’s Privacy policy furore roars on.

Zim businessman Adam Molai startup fund doubles to US$2 million

JUA Kickstarter, a fund launched by Zimbabwean businessman Adam Molai, has recieved a US$1 million pledge from Simba Global Start-ups bringing the total US$2 million.

WhatsApp pushes back date for privacy policy & Signal unable to cope with demand

WhatsApp has pushed back the date for it’s privacy policy and on the other side of this Signal is struggling to meet demand.

Xiaomi joins Huawei on the US’ naughty list

Xiaomi has been blacklisted by the United States Department of Defence on the grounds that it has ties to the Chinese Military.

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 13: Lockdown 2.0

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Episode 13, On this episode we talk about the second lockdown and all the things we have seen and experienced.

COVID-19 SMS updates, a good measure to keep everyone informed

The COVID-19 SMS updates that we have been receiving are making sure that everyone knows whats going on regardless of what device they have.