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Get 5GB for only ZWL$500 from NetOne

Netone is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is offering this generous bundle to all its customers – 5GB for ZWL$500. Celebrate NetOne’s 25th Anniversary with 5GB Anniversary Bundle. Purchase the 5GB data bundle (valid for 25hrs) for $ZWL 500 & earn entry into the weekly draw. Entry into all weekly draws earns entry into the […]

Brace yourselves, NetOne is hiking data bundle tariffs

State-owned mobile network operator (MNO) NetOne announced on social media that it will be increasing bundle tariffs tomorrow the 19th of October 2021. Here is NetOne’s post on the bundle tariff review: Public Notice! — NetOne Cellular (@NetOneCellular) October 17, 2021 Public Notice Review of Bundle Tariffs Please be advised that we are reviewing […]

The strange dynamics of Zim’s property market

Shelter or accommodation is one of those things that bring about anxiety. This could be in an existing property or if you are looking at moving to a new one. We have spoken at length about the local financial system, highlighting the quirks and deficiencies that are presently plaguing Zimbabweans. However, it’s often easy to […]

Propertybook’s quiet disruption of real estate through the cloud & other services

The property market has become something of the wild west in the last decade or so. This is in part due to the popularity of social media marketing and housing groups which have brought with them bogus agents making people pay ridiculous fees just to view properties or even downright fleecing people of their money. […]

Samsung failing to meet demand for foldable smartphones

Mark this year as the year of the foldables. Back in August Samsung released the third iterations of its foldable phones, turns out third time’s the charm. People seem to like this year’s releases and the sales figures are reflecting that.  The two smartphones they released this year are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and […]

ZASH: Much ado about nothing

One Thursday morning in sunny October Zimbabweans woke up to find that the cryptocurrency that they had been stacking up by spamming links in WhatsApp groups had finally taken off and was now in orbit. In crypto-land we call it ‘to the moon’ and ZASH (the cryptocurrency for the ‘decentralised currency for Zimbabwe’) had made […]

Terragraph: Facebook’s ‘wireless fibre technology’ is what Africa needs

The West is quick to pounce on Facebook for each and every infraction. However, here in Africa we have a little more reason to appreciate the social media giant. Facebook has spent a fortune trying to fix global connectivity challenges we face where billions are still cut off. The Facebook Connectivity division of the group […]

Attention Spaces creators: Twitter now supporting select Spaces financially

Twitter has launched a Twitter Spaces Spark Program which will initially be a three-month accelerator program that is “designed to discover and reward great Spaces on Twitter with financial, technical, and marketing support.” As all social media platforms have realised, if there is no compelling content, there won’t be any users. It is sad to […]

No Dr Mthuli, we can’t keep blaming EcoCash and mobile money for depreciating dollar

A scapegoat is a goat upon whose head the sins of the people are placed. The goat itself is sinless and yet it has to bear the sins of the people. The Zimbabwean government is looking for a goat to place the local currency collapse sin on.  Every day a potential goat is identified and […]

InnBucks: the loyalty and rewards program which introduces a compelling new currency

The most annoying problem for businesses and customers when dealing with US Dollars is that of change. We’ve all experienced this, ‘for your 50c change shall I give you water or add some toppings?’ InnBucks aims to solve this problem and more for all Simbisa Brands chains i.e Chicken Inn, Bakers Inn, Pizza Inn and […]