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Twitter is going to look a lot more like TikTok real soon

Every platform is trying to copy TikTok in one respect or another. I mean who can really blame them, the site is now the most used in the world, supplanting Google… So it only makes sense that Twitter will try its hand at the short format reaction content that YouTube and Instagram have copy-pasted from […]

OK Zimbabwe & NSSA are offering Pensioners a 10% discount

Discounts have been a little obsession of mine over the last few weeks, mostly for USD purchases. Shops like TM Pick N Pay and TV Sales are trying to entice their customers to make purchases in hard currency in order to recoup the elusive USD. However this time there is a discount of a completely […]

We just have to talk about the BMW that changes colour at will via an app

Our friends at BMW, the German car maker, have showcased the first ‘colour-changing’ car. Straight from our science fiction dreams. Unveiled at the ongoing CES festival in the US, the concept car on show can change its colour from white to black and all the greys in between.  The concept car is called the BMW […]

Govt scraps CBZ US$20 e-passport application fee

It looks like the government has come to its senses and scrapped the US$20 application fee for e-passports according to Statutory Instrument No. 3 of 2022. The SI reads as follows: Statutory Instrument 3 of 2022. [CAP. 4:01 Citizenship (Passport Fees) Regulations. 2022 IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural […]

Discounts for USD: a game of haves vs have nots

Discounts for USD purchases is a “hidden” business practice in Zimbabwe. Late last year we reported on TM Pick n Pay’s 50% discount for groceries bought with US$ and it looks like they aren’t the only ones doing this. We were out on the town this week and popped into TV Sales and we noticed […]

I walked 2 489Km in 2021!

That is an average of 7.45Km a day. 223Km a month. An inside joke at Techzim states that I am the resident road runner and obviously that comes with a shoe bill worth some hefty chest pains.

Diaspora, Shurugwi, content creation & more with King Kandoro

I was joined Uk-based comedian Mukudzei “King” Kandoro Majoni to talk about his recently concluded stand up tour the Prodigal Son. We also talked about, the rigours of life in Zimbabwe, how his diaspora experience is going, stealing twenty-five dollars that were meant for school fees and more. You can listen to or download the […]

OnePlus 10 Pro launching 11 Jan packs killer specs, so-so software

We’re still in the first week of 2022 but the gadget releases we have gotten already give us hope for the year. Technologically speaking, 2022 looks set to be a good year already. OnePlus is looking to get into the conversation early on, going against tradition and releasing their latest flagship smartphone on 11 January.  […]

Huawei Watch GT2 Major software update. All the new features!

Welcome to 2022 everyone and it’s new year new software update for the Huawei watch GT2. It just got a very major update that’s brought in a collection of visual and functional improvements

Why won’t Zim MPs physically fight to abolish 2% tax like Ghana MPs did

The Zimbabwean finance minister introduced a 2% Intermediate Money Transfer Tax (IMTT) a couple of years ago to stun the nation. The 2% tax is charged on all money transfers – physical, electronic or otherwise. There is no distinction between individuals and businesses, all are equal in the eyes of the finance ministry and so […]