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Want To Be An African Venture Capitalist? Dream VC opens applications for 2023 programs

We talked about Dream VC, the investor accelerator, last year. To refresh your memory on what that means, they run intensive remote programs teaching and training professionals to work in or excel in the Venture Capital Industry in Africa. Not much has changed in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the number […]

City Parking statement on parking madness, changes effective 10 March

There is a lot of information and misinformation spreading about the Harare City/ City Parking fundraising efforts. They are on a clamping spree and will punish any infraction and so drive and park like the decent human being you can be. The Press Release you may have missed Also read: With Harare City collecting US$90m […]

With Harare City collecting ‘US$90m in 2 weeks’ from a clamping spree, avoid becoming a victim

You may have seen the video by now. You know the one where City Parking officials (or hired workers in City Council work suits) get into a fight with people on the streets of Harare. It is a warzone on the streets and like the Shona say, ‘hazvipere mushe’ (It won’t end well). Harare City […]

iSIMs are here to replace the eSIM you are yet to get

Econet Nicodemously introduced eSims late last year. You may have missed it because it’s not that big of a deal if we’re being honest. If you’re unfamiliar with eSims click here to learn more about them. This explains why Econet did not even make a splash about eSims hitting stores although they had made some […]

Solar for Health project has saved lives, showing that ZESA has blood on its hands for its failures

The thing I hate about Zimbabwe is how it messes with your mind to think basic services are luxuries you should not even think about. Medicine at a hospital? Come back to earth o dreamer. Water out of a tap on demand? What do you think this is, Mansa Musa’s palace? Being the good Zimbabweans […]

Are Econet and NetOne really saying US$7.50 or US$6.54 for 1GB is not economically sustainable?

I totally understand why it’s frustrating to hear mobile network operators (MNOs) constantly moan that they are charging too little. The sentiment is, ‘you can’t even provide a decent service and yet you want to charge more for it?’ MNOs of course counter with, ‘you are not paying enough to get good service.’ I think […]

You asked, here’s how you buy KFC for family back in Zim from where you are using Senditoo

You saw the Senditoo ad and were not sure how to actually go about it. You have been asking. Worry not, here are the answers you were looking for. Oh, and thank you dear Zimbo in the diaspora looking to buy a bucket of KFC chicken for your kin resident over here. You have no […]

Are you a lady aged 15-45 and interested in cloud engineering? This boot camp is for you

Ladies, here is your chance to get in on the Cloud Engineering action. For various reasons, granted some of them are not malicious, women are underrepresented in Tech. She Code Africa is one of many organisations looking to change that. She Code Africa is a “non-profit organization focused on celebrating and empowering young Girls and […]

Attention digital and fashion designers, applications open for Design Futures Lab 2023

For the ultra-creatives out there, an opportunity has presented itself. If you happen to love both fashion and technology then Design Future Labs is the programme for you. This lab “allows for the worlds of fashion and immersive technology to merge in a radical exploration of storytelling, world-building, and reimagining futures by combining the skillsets […]

Biden extended sanctions on Zimbabwe and revealed it’s all about safeguarding US interests

I stewed over this for many days, to be honest. I understood what it said but I didn’t understand it at the same time. That doesn’t make any sense but it is what it is. The United States extended its sanctions on Zimbabwe and it’s crazy to me. Let’s get one thing out of the […]