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Video: Fiber router lights explained

TelOne and Zol fiber routers are pretty similar in how they work. They have plenty of lights that inform of many things but in the video we look at the 4 most important ones that can affect your internet connection and see what each one of them means.

BancABC raises City Hopper fee to 3%, but still cheaper than the alternatives

Marginal increase but still cheaper or safer than than the alternatives

Video: MiFi router lights explained

Ever wondered what the lights on a MiFi router mean? In this video we take a look at what these lights are for and what they mean when they are on, off or a different color.

How to protect yourself from Bitcoin scams

Stay on your toes, they are getting crafty

Video: Mi smart speaker review

The Mi smart speaker is an affordable speaker made by Xiaomi with the smarts of Google Assistant built-in. It does have all the perks that come with it having Google powering it but also a couple of features that are missing that show where Xiaomi saved on a couple of bucks. Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]