Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Civil Protection Unit takes on Advanced Training for disaster relief with Precision Drone Training

In November 2021, the Civil Protection Unit (CPU) acquired 18 DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual drones, through the UNDP. The aim is to manage and monitor areas in Zimbabwe that are prone to natural disasters like floods, and cyclones. Operators from the organization successfully completed their Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) Remote Pilot Licence […]

ZETDC’s 350 000 household connection deficit. What if…?

Imagine this. Right now there are 350 000 households in Zimbabwe that have not yet been connected to the grid. Me included. I read this headline and I thought, wait a minute. What if ZESA as an enterprise could capitalize on this problem? What if the solution to this problem could be a win for […]

Xiaomi AX9000 review. The most extreme Wifi router

There are normal routers. Nice and compact ones with support for 64 connected devices, which also blend in with the furniture. Nice, modern, and sleek. But what if normal is boring and ultimate excess is more of your cup of tea…like me. Then you get a router that comes in a behemoth of a box. […]

Can’t stop dreaming about the iPhone 14 or S22? Local microlender offering mobile device loans

My parents, like most working-class couples in the 90s turned their house into a home on credit. They got one furniture item from Pelhams and another from Nyore Nyore. All on lay-by. It took a few years but they paid it all up and it was on to upgrades. Had they been forced to buy […]

Zimbabwe’s 1st satellite is finally going to space in early November if NASA is to be believed

We are used to Zimbabwean projects missing deadlines. We would have died if we had held our breath for the migration to Digital TV. To this day, that whole project remains in limbo, licences were awarded, and TV stations were launched but we still haven’t quite reached the promised land. It was starting to appear […]

It’s not your phone or your network provider, WhatsApp is down worldwide

WhatsApp is down for many people across the globe. It all started around 9:00 am CAT, many people started reporting that they could not send messages, see statuses etc. On WhatsApp web and the desktop app, I am stuck on a ‘Connecting to WhatsApp, Make sure your computer has an active Internet connection.’ Many more […]

WhatsApp is down. Again! [Updated]

At approximately 9.20 am in Zimbabwe, WhatsApp went down. The cause of the outage is still yet to be announced but with VPNs failing to connect it seems that it’s a WhatsApp failing to connect to the server. The outage seems to be global and a Meta spokesperson managed to give Reuters a statement that […]

FBC launches Mastercard Virtual Cards you can register for from home

There is a lot that sucks about having a weak currency like the ZW$. I mean, this currency is not even internationally recognised. You can externalise as many bond notes as you like but they have no value outside the country. The millions in your local currency account are equally useless across the border. You […]

TelOne new voice and data tariffs effective 1 November 2022

Just like clockwork, what we hope is the last wave of tariff adjustments by telecom operators is upon us. TelOne has announced new prices for their voice and data services which will be in effect from 1 November 2022. Data Prices: Old vs New Also read: Brace for 61% more expensive internet. Again Liquid Home […]

Brace for 61% more expensive internet. Again

In a letter sent to Telco subscribers, a data price increase of up to 61% was approved by POTRAZ for November 2022 for all Telecommunication operators. This price increase is affecting ZW$ pricing which is not really moving with the official rate. The letter also says that these 61% increments have been in effect since […]