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Digital gold tokens – here’s how you go about purchasing. Not all banks are ready

I will assume you know about the digital gold tokens that the RBZ is issuing. If you have been living under a rock, get yourself acquainted with the details here: The RBZ’s digital gold coins are a good idea but may be undone by just one word – trust. Now that we are all on […]

What is going on with mobile data in Zim? It’s a disaster for sure and we need your help to see how bad it is.

Let’s just say since 2019, mobile internet has just gone to the pits. Internet speeds plummeted and as if that was not enough, the stability of the internet connection itself took a big hit. And it’s not just that. There are instances where you purchase a data bundle and it only starts working after fiddling […]

InDrive is making a splash in Zim. Can it dethrone Vaya and Hwindi?

Let’s talk about InDrive. It’s on billboards, on the radio, and even in all our YouTube videos in the form of ads. It’s the latest addition to ride-hailing services in Zimbabwe but is it better than the established players? Pay what you feel is fair InDrive runs on the model of paying what you feel […]

Gmail is getting blue verified checkmarks like Twitter, should help spot impersonators

One of the main disadvantages of using digital means to communicate is that it can be hard to know you’re talking to the person you think you’re talking to. There are many bad apples out there that would fool you into revealing secrets, thinking you’re conversing with a confidant. On social media, the problem of […]

WhatsApp now allows locking individual chats behind a passcode/fingerprint

With each passing day, WhatsApp is introducing features that will make GB WhatsApp and its friends redundant. The official WhatsApp is good enough for me, but for the super private (sketchy?) among us, GB still offers some must-have features. WhatsApp is working on introducing one such feature – the ability to lock individual chats. You […]

NMB Remit joins crowded domestic remittance market, can it make a mark?

The collapse of the Zimdollar has led to some interesting phenomena in Zimbabwe. The population prefers the US dollar but cannot bring themselves to bank said USD. This means when it comes time to transfer money, Zimbabweans cannot turn to banks. They have their money under their mattresses and getting some of it to a […]

Old Mutual Zimbabwe launches a Fintech business, Old Mutual Digital Services

It appears fintech is where it’s at these days. It makes sense, the smartphone really changed the game, allowing millions billions to access the internet. Financial institutions had to adapt to deliver financial services through phones, the Internet etc We welcomed a fast food chain into the fintech space when Simbisa launched its InnBucks platform. […]

Liquid (Zol) faced a DDoS attack on email service, explains why your inbox was empty

Liquid has communicated that they were the victim of a large-scale DDoS attack on their Hosted Email Service. They found out they were under attack on Workers’ Day, around 11PM. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. Multiple computers are used to target a single computer or network. The goal of a DDoS attack is […]

Internet Society lobbying for new tax on imported gadgets

The Internet Society of Zimbabwe is a brave institution. They are calling for something that will make them unpopular with many. The Internet Society, Zimbabwe Chapter is calling for an additional tax on all gadget imports – an electronic waste tax. The rationale behind the call for the tax is solid. They argue that Africa […]

Interesting tech news this week, Friday 28 April

It’s been yet another week and the news just keeps on coming. Let us look at some of the interesting news from this week. Services Meta shuts down Facebook Watch Originals Facebook launched Facebook Watch back in 2017. It is a video-on-demand service, Meta’s answer to YouTube. Like YouTube, the content on Watch is created […]