Statement of Ethics

We don’t accept any money, or anything else of value, from the companies we cover, or from their public relations or advertising agencies. When we get gadgets or any value items distributed to journalists at press events and product launches, we give them away here on Techzim or on our social media platforms as prizes in small competitions. We do not keep any of the items.

We also don’t accept product discounts from companies we cover or from their public relations or advertising agencies. Any sponsorship or advertising on the site, an event or in any of our operations by any company we cover is fully disclosed as such.

Advertisers, sponsors and companies we cover don’t get to see any of our articles in advance, or select or reject topics except for sponsored posts which are always disclosed as such.

We do not publish press releases guised as organic articles. When we receive a press release and decide to post it as is, we indicate clearly in the title that it is a press release.

Sponsored articles and referral articles are always for products and services that we genuinely believe to be of value. You can look at our policy on sponsored posts and referrals here.

We believe that good communication is the basis for a progressive tech community in Zimbabwe. This means that we will always communicate facts and report without fear or favour. This means that we will not report or feature something/someone because we are dying for content. We report because we are passionate about Zimbabwe and the benefits Technology can impart. If we deem certain issues to be of importance we will report them for the community to judge.

We do this because we love it and couldn’t think of a better way to contribute towards a more robust tech sector. Digital inclusivity is central to our beliefs.

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