Telecel slashes off-peak call & internet tariffs


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TelecelIn a move that’s likely shake the market, Telecel announced today the slashing of call and internet tariffs in a new promotion called Mo Fire. According to a release we received this morning, for a weekly subscription of US $2 calls to other Telecel numbers will be at less than a cent, SMSs free, and mobile broadband at US 3 cents per megabyte.


It’s a big deal. But here’s where this’s an even bigger deal: Off peak, according to the announcement, is between 9PM and 12 noon the next day. Brilliant because usually off peak is a 12 midnight to 5AM affair in the market.

But there’s always a caveat; “A Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be implemented on the benefits,” says the release. We’re not sure what it means in this case, but usually it’s an escape clause of sorts. We have sent a few question to Telecel to get clarification on this. Well, that and how long this promo will run for as well as whether the 3 cents an MB is an out of bundle rate.


The promo is in addition to the never-ending Mega Juice promo that’s been running for over 3 years now. Recently Telecel also introduced the Broadband Plus promo which effectively cut their data rates by half for bundle buying customers.  Telecel is the second largest mobile operator in Zimbabwe.

Here’s a link to the full press release.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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35 thoughts on “Telecel slashes off-peak call & internet tariffs

  1. wow, Telecel never seem to run out of ideas. Thats a great initiative. well done telecel for simple being the best in value for money

    1. u will call across networks at normal rates its but for sms is free
      across networks during the promotion time, telecel to telecel u will
      enjoy the promotion

      1. u will call across networks at normal rates its but for sms is free across networks during the promotion time, telecel to telecel u will enjoy the promotion

  2. I just love telecel. these guys have made internet cheap. Econet was killing us. Did you know you can buy a telecel line and register it and start browsing in less than 3mins. haaa ndolavha. I really moved over and im loving it.

  3. Im still furious with loss of Mahwindi bt this definitely soothes the pain.

    Well done Telecel….

  4. does this promotion apply one night per week or it works throughout the nights of the week one would have subscribed for?

    1. Every night, so long as you have not exceeded the FUP on the SMS. It you will need to have airtime (main balance) so that it can bill for the Telecel-Telecel calls.
      For data bundles, you will have to exhaust your data bundles first before you can enjoy the rate of 3c/Mb.

      Great deal all the same

  5. put yo telecel line on yo tablet, buy a $10 or $20 bundle and u never install Droidwall or turn of background sync, all auto updates enabled at it last for me for a month. never worry kuti ndakanganwa kudzima download when i was on wifi. Am loving it! Oh did i mension u still will have $10 or $20 bonus airtime after buying the bundle? Econet is only for those where telecel has no coverage

    1. Preach!!…I’ve managed to convince all my friends and family members to put telecel in their ipads and their loving it! And tablets can be great data guzzlers which means big business for the networks but Econet and its stupid pricing have failed to see that and seemingly insist on an internet starved nation seeing as they have the largest capacity yet the highest prices too….shouldn’t economies of scale be at work here?…or at least even basic morals from Econet execs?

      Great move telecel…I shall now purchase that recently launched econet wifi device and slip my telecel line in there 😉

  6. Thatz good because Econet yakuda kutoita monopoly munyika muno forgeting kuti it is through the people kuve iri pairi, it should be paying back not with those exorbitant tariffs esp data services

  7. The problem with Telecel is that they use these rates as “sweeteners” to bring customers. Once they have gained traction, they remove the promo. They have done this before. Econet may be more expensive, but I like the fact that is a fixed rate that is here to stay.

    1. Yes…you keep supporting Econet that NEVER has promo’s to at least show some type of love for their customers.

      1. Must be a Telecel Employee!!! Sir Bill you are trying just too hard to fight for Telecel. Kana mukoma Franco vakabaya wani, imi yenyu ndeyeyi???

  8. I would like to petition PORTRAZ to compel the MNO to start working on allowing prepaid customers to port their numbers like they do in SA. Obviously with limits as to how many times you can do it a quarter or something. It will really benefit the consumer and create competition.

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