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Get your FREE Google Inbox invite here… UPDATED

Get a FREE Google Inbox invite here


So there has been a lot of hype about the Google Inbox app. It has been making waves on the internet for the last couple of weeks due to Google having made it “invite only” and limited the number of people who have access to it.

We came across a tweet – #InboxHappyHour where users were invited to send in a request to between specific hours and they’ll be guaranteed an invite. Sadly this time was between 1 AM – 2 AM and it was always going to be difficult for me to be up at that hour “just to send an email”…

I quickly got thinking, need an app that will send an email at a specific time (a message scheduler). After downloading Boomarang for Gmail, I scheduled my email, in the format that they required (a simple “please add me to Inbox”) and retired for the night.

On waking in the morning, I was happy to note that true to their word I had seen sent a FREE Google Inbox invite. No need to go on eBay and buy one. No need to bend over and give up anything. A simple email had me sorted.

Get your FREE Google Inbox invite here

Get a FREE Google Inbox invite here
Get a FREE Google Inbox invite here

Because of our love for our readers, who have stuck with us through the years, here is ONE ticket that we are giving away to TWO lucky readers each by answering the following 3 questions in an email (UPDATE: THIS IS NOW CLOSED). This is the only means of entry, via email. Anything else will lead to disqualification.

Send your email with the Subject: FREE Google Inbox invite. (We’ll do a random draw on Friday 14 November 2014 to select the winners). Please note that currently Google have only opened up to email addresses and nothing else. Winners must provide a ‘’ email address in order to redeem this highly sort after prize.

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  2. What event did we host in April this year and we’ll be hosting again in 2015? (Get the answer here)
  3. What event are we covering in Cape Town, South Africa right now? (Get the answer here)


If you have not yet received an invite, keep following @google and @inboxbygmail on Twitter and look out for their #InboxHappyHour tweets. Google normally make their apps/offers by invite only to build hype and interest around the product, but they usually open it up after a while, basically, don’t give up too much to get it, me thinks.

Have you gained access to Google Inbox? How have you enjoyed it thus far?

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22 thoughts on “Get your FREE Google Inbox invite here… UPDATED

  1. I have both Inbox and an updated Gmail app. The new Gmail app looks a whole lot like Inbox for some reason. So if you have updated your Gmail don’t worry much they look 98% the same in my opinion…

      1. Will try to do so friend. I haven’t figured out how to do it yet though. Looked at the App and it doesn’t have an “invite” section. What you can try is to send a request to the Inbox email. That’s what I did about a couple of weeks back and they replied on Mon with the app.

  2. seriously William Chui? and what do I have to do to get 5 minutes of life back wasted on this page?

  3. Does someone have an invite they can send me! I would really really appreciate it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. So I’ve been using the Inbox in app and on browser. Firstly, the browser version only works on Google Chrome which is fine. I hate to admit it, but Google has done a great job with Inbox in browser. It feels de-cluttered and less like email, more like social media, making it kind of enjoyable.

    On app it’s a little confusing, there’s no obvious prompts on how to do things, but you get used to it. The reminders are genius! Overall 8 out of 10.


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