When will Econet fix its EcoCash app?

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EcoCash AppI still think that one of the best things to come from EcoCash is their EcoCash app.

Although launched for Android only, after a bit of controversy around a previous version from another developer, it makes transacting easier and faster.

In the absence of USSD long codes and cards like the EcoCash Tap and Go or the EcoCash MasterCard Debit Card, the app is probably the fastest way to make an EcoCash transaction.

It’s no surprise that if the EcoCash app is not working it becomes a huge inconvenience if you rely on it for everything from cash outs to airtime purchases. Which is the situation that users of the app have been faced with.


Any attempt to make any transaction on the app gives a pop up alerting the user that the long codes for the service have been disabled.

It seems that the improvements EcoCash made to its USSD menu, which affect the long codes which were working for the EcoCash app, haven’t been applied to the app yet.

For every other subscriber not on the EcoCash app, these improvements to the EcoCash USSD menu have made it easier to access the added services that EcoCash has introduced in the past year like Facebook and WhatsApp bundles and Bundles of Joy from one USSD session.

While we wait for EcoCash to make the necessary updates to the Android App and perhaps introduce versions for other mobile OS users, maybe we can have a local developer come up with their own solution for this problem like what the team behind Zimcodes did?


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  1. Or just another example of big brands in Zimbabwe not thinking about their on-line/app presence. Surely the team that made the decision to change the USSD menu should have asked the question on how it would effect the app?

  2. Castro says:

    Econet are not serious….

  3. Disgusted says:

    when will this thing start working? the ussd thing is just primitive in this age

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