The top 10 most visited websites in Zimbabwe

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According to Similar Web, the top 10 most visited websites  in Zimbabwe are as follows:

  1. Google Zimbabwe (Search Engine)
  2. Youtube (Tv and Video)
  3. Google International (Search Engine)
  4. Facebook (Social Network)
  5. Yahoo (Search Engine)
  6. Alibaba (Online shopping)
  7. Newsday Zimbabwe (News and Media)
  8. Herald Zimbabwe (News and Media)
  9. Xvideos (Adult Content)
  10. Twitter (Social Network)

Google (local domain) took the top spot whilst Google (international domain) took the 3rd position, which is not unexpected as most people either have it set as their homepage or use it as their first point of reference or enquiry on the internet.

Surprisingly, YouTube is ranked 2nd.

I say surprisingly because I assumed YouTube would be considered a bandwidth hog that people would stay away from.

However, I don’t know how much of the YouTube traffic is viewing local content, but this information does identify a potential gap with an attractive opportunity.

Alibaba sticks out like a sore thumb! Who, in Zimbabwe, uses Alibaba for anything?

I think the reason why Alibaba made made it in the list is because sites are constantly redirected to it and pop-ups show up on browsers quite often.

If you do experience Alibaba redirection and pop-ups, it may be caused by virus (malware/adware), an explanation of this and how to remove the virus is given here.

So Alibaba is not on the list through genuine traffic, but it does show that there are a lot of infected devices out there!

Social Media Networks will find themselves in any 10 ten most visited sites for any country, Facebook still ranks as the top most visited social network site in Zimbabwe.

It is also quite interesting that online news publications Newsday and Herald came in at 7th and 8th respectively.

I think it is great that Zimbabweans are supporting and consuming local content online, even if it is just news.

Online news publications are the only locally based websites in the top 10.

I did a quick comparison with South Africa‘s top 10 most visited sites list.

It also has just 2 local websites on it, being, FNB (for online banking) and Gumtree (an e-commerce site).

There is a clear contrast between online habits between the two countries.

For interest sake, you can find other interesting African countries top 10 lists here: Zambia, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana.

Lastly, it was quite a surprise to find an Adult Content site in our top 10, and for that, I have no comment.


  1. Chibaba

    Kikikiki. Vanhu vanoda nyama veduwee… pa hadyana pa number 9

    1. I’m from China

      what’s language,tell me ,thanks.

  2. Allaz

    Yahoo!!!??? What is that, internet cafe homepages?

  3. Ndode Nyama

    I think they are confusing Xvideos and Youtube. Xvideos should be number 2, Vanhu vanoda nyama.

    1. Mik

      Maybe its a lot of old people.

  4. Harry

    You should exclude search engines. Otherwise it’s like saying top 10 international destinations include SAA and Easyjet cabins…

    1. Batsirai Chikadaya

      Hi Harry thanks for the tip! I did consider it, and put it on the side but since your brought it up, here are top 10 local websites:

      1. newsday
      2. herald
      3. dailynews
      4. classifieds
      5. iharare
      6. zimeye
      7. newsdzezimbabwe
      8. nehandaradio
      9. newzimbabwe
      10. bulawayo24


      1. Anonymous


    2. Anonymous

      You are right.

  5. Mik

    Is there a way to show how much of our traffic is torrent downloads?

  6. Anonymous

    where is the link for xvideos?

  7. fred

    I doubt the criteria used to come up with the top 10

    1. Harry

      Lol. The criteria, I’m guessing… was Google’s most visited sites ranking by country, which is pure, 100% data-driven. TechZim – confirm? Tx

  8. Anonymous

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