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EcoCash Mastercard VCN service down… customers fail to make online payments

The EcoCash Mastercard VCN service is down. The service, which EcoCash subscribers use to generate Virtual Card Numbers (hence VCN), is one of the few ways Zimbabweans have to make payment to merchants outside the country.

Users of the service have been complaining on social media and other platforms that attempts to issues themselves VCNs using the services, have been failing for more than 5 days now.

An attempt to get one returns the error:

Issue faced while placing your request. Please try again

EcoCash subscribers use the Mastercard VCN to make payments on the internet, mostly on global eCommerce sites like AliExpress, Amazon and eBay. But also to buy services on sites like Facebook, Google, Godaddy and other such platforms.

We made a request for comment to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and they had not provided an official response after a day. The company’s support center people have however been telling customers that it’s “a technical challenge on the MasterCard virtual platform” and that “all online transactions are not going through.”



We’re not sure if this means it’s just the issuing of cards that’s down, or if cards already issued are not working.

We will update once we get an official response from Econet.

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13 thoughts on “EcoCash Mastercard VCN service down… customers fail to make online payments

  1. Guys go to Ecobank they have prepaid visa cards that work online,no problems at all.

    1. This is a great solution. If you have USD/Rands there are no limits. Mari yako chete.

  2. Its been like that for over a month now, old VCN were working but now you cannot purchase new VCN, some sites transactions went through some failed completely

    1. Even Steward Bank mastercards nolonger work transactions nolonger go through, and for them to reverse the transaction, you wil wait for ever,lost my money

  3. The service is up, may be to some. I requested vcn and purchased something on AliExpress on last Friday.

  4. I’ll want to pay online, ,can you help..what’s CVC, ,and how do I use an ecocash master card for payments

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