Event: Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference 2017

The 3rd edition of the Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference will be held on the 3rd of August at the Meikles hotel in Harare. This year’s conference is running under the theme Towards a Cash – Lite Society.

According to the organisers, Oxlink Capital, the conference will explore topical issues in the mobile money and digital payments ecosystem, chief among them the cash challenges being faced in Zimbabwe right now, the converged licencing framework and risk management frameworks. This year’s conference is a successor to the 2016 edition of the same conference that attracted over 200 delegates. We covered the last 2 editions on Techzim and you can read about it here and here.

Speakers and panelists include the minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira, the NetOne CEO, the Barclays MD, Cellulant Country Lead, Ecosure GM and ZimSwitch CEO amoung others. See the event flyer below:


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5 thoughts on “Event: Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference 2017

  1. mobile banking wow cash cow how does an operator move from the core business calls sms data to banking they must be drowning in money an the central bank doesn’t regulate it reciepe for disaster great cash cow for operator’s though

  2. It should be an interesting and eye opening event,… due to the cash crisis mobile money has really come in handy. The responsible authorities should see to it that Zimbabwean citizens are not taken advantage of by agents who charge their own extras or hidden costs for services rendered by mobile money operators. True, considering the cash crisis and the economic climate $200 per delegate is quite a lot of money for the ordinary citizen.

  3. my dear Zimbabweans don’t we get it ?? all we do is talk talk talk, we don’t have an effective follow-up to talks that we have all the time.
    Just like this talk, it’s just an expensive talk that most of us can’t afford and even attend.
    We like having gatherings where we just talk but no affirmative action, thus why we still have more talks of the same problems which keep on getting rephrased over and over…
    what a shame…

  4. Its a timely conference, not only considering the cash challenges we are facing as a country, but for a mindset shift in as far as digital platforms are concerned. A cashless society is possible within our lifetimes. These platforms are relevant to support our own shops trying to sell online like,, etc. However the charges are still high, especially moving funds from a bank account to a mobile money account and vice versa. It is also very much expensive paying through MM merchants compared to ‘swiping’ on Zimswitch platforms, 30cents vs 10 cents for instance. Like what X-con mentioned above, can there be implementation please!

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