DStv Payment Methods November 2017

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DSTV bond notes payments

Yes, as Zimbabweans articles like such are necessary.

How one is able to pay for their DStv subscription is necessary as it doesn’t work like how it does in a “normal” country.

As of today, November 2, 2017, these are the methods that one can use in order to pay for their subscriptions:

  1. NMB (Account holders and non-account holders pay with USD cash)
  2. BARCLAYS (Account holders only) [on the 1st of December]
  3. CABS (Gold and Platinum customers only)
  4. ECOBANK (Account holders only)
  5. FBC (Account holders only)
  6. MBCA (Account holders only)
  7. POSB (USD Cash only)
  8. STANBIC (Account holders only)
  9. STANDARD CHARTERED (Account holders only)

Those that are account holders are able to make payment using funds already in their account (RTGS/transfer balance), while non-account holders still need to bring hard currency in the form of US dollars.

If your bank is not listed above, and you have a bank account that can make online Visa/MasterCard payments then using the online portal is another option to make payments – eazy.dstv.com/en/zw/pay. Note that not all local banks are able to transact online, and those that are, have limits.


MultiChoice Zimbabwe,  the franchise holders for DStv in Zimbabwe, has stated that currently, they do not accept payments, as all payments for one’s DStv subscriptions goings through a financial institution and that money goes directly to MultiChoice Africa. It is the financial institutions that make the decision as to how customers can pay, they state.

The stance that MultiChoice has taken has given rise to Strive Masiyiwa-founded Kwese TV leveraging the ability of their customers to pay using “any method available locally“, including EcoCash, swipe and/or bond notes. This flexibility may give Kwese TV a quick boost to becoming the default entertainment option in Zimbabwe, albeit their lack of much sort after English Premier League may prove to be their Achilles heel.

What method are you using to pay for your DStv? Have you jumped ship to Kwese TV yet? If you have left, what was your main reason for leaving?

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  1. Langton Chereni

    Have already left DSTV and joined KWESE despite limited option for the simple reason of ease of payment.. Very hopeful that in the near future KWESE will be able to offer variety once the customer base increase to a sizeable number

  2. Tease

    Kwese the only viable alternative.

  3. makuruwani

    munhu wese kwese kwese…ndoine yese yese …unobhadhara pese pese
    Its about time dstv zimbabwe came crushing

    1. Anonymous

      munhu wese kwese kwese…ndoine yese yese …unobhadhara pese pese
      I LIKE THIS RHYME….Consider selling it as a tag line for Kwese…You make mula bro!!
      #Kwese Rhyme

      1. mambo

        munhu wese kwese kwese…ndoine yese yese …unobhadhara pese pese, u nowana zvese zvese, tichiona tese tese

        1. Anonymous

          Asi bhora hariko rese rese kkkk

      2. Zimbo

        Soul Jah Luv reads Techzim.. Ndashama!!!!

  4. tendai

    i will not leave DSTV as long as I am able to pay. Kwese is boring to be honest. Its convenient hayo for payments but from what I have seen its not worth it, the programmes are poop. My 2c

    1. Agreevance

      Nice honest comment and made me LAUGH LOL. Thanks

  5. Njabulo Ncube

    I have left DSTV permently for Kwese for mainly political reasons, sacrificing watching my favourite Chelsea and local news content. However it is hoped the English Premier League and local news would be delivered in the future.

  6. Sharia

    I’m an 8 – 5 person, and watch Sat TV mostly weekends or after hours. This makes Multichoice attractive for me as I can watch soccer for hours on end. I pay through internet banking via my bank’s portal. At work we recently installed Kwese and as far as I’m concerned their content more or less matches SOME of MultiChoice’s offering. I must state though that the repeats on MultiChoice are very annoying, plus some of the 40 year-old movies that they are showing. If I could afford an extra $50 bucks, I’d also have Kwese so that the boring window/period becomes narrow!! Thankfully I’m no TV slouch…
    Is Kwese going to offer PVR/Catch up etc, their remote already has the functionality?

  7. Ritchie

    have already jumped to kwese for the sole reason that one can pay using any method available in. zim.Dstv makaro yanyanya dumping zim customers voda ma bhozida

  8. Anonymous

    kwese is junk. Its an alternative but still junk. I wont leave dstv. At the moment kwese is not even a competitor to dstv. Dstv’s main competition is those 50c dvds sold on the street. Kwese is nonsense

    1. Kudzie

      no comment, kkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Garikai Dzoma

    My bank allows me to pay DSTV but I have decided to take a novel approach drop DSTV use the extra money to get even faster internet and joined Hulu and Netflix. No one gets to tell me what to watch. I watch whatever I want when I want.

    1. Murungu

      U might as well save money u’re spending on netflix/hulu then buy a Net One One-fi router for $130 and gets internet download speeds of between 5mbps and 20mbps. Then download movies for free everyday and watch on yo laptop or tv. I know of a site that lets you download almost every international movie for free.

      1. Munhumutema

        Which sites diwnload for free

  10. C. B. Mpofu

    I had very lousy service from Kwese installers and have have had a very bad start with customer care from them right from the beginning. Kwese offers very limited services and they should have presented a full package to include full customer service before they launched. Unfortunately, will stay with DSTV as I am not willing to allow myself to be treated as an alternative customer when I am paying for a service. I already do not trust what they will offer Zimbabweans in the future. This is a personal opinion based on a personal experience.

  11. Mugandani

    We must start analyzing what Kwese has got and then suggest what improvement is needed. Throwing bricks at Kwese without suggesting what can be done to bring it to the level of DSTV does not help at all.

    1. Analyst

      We are customers not their advisers and customers want and deserve the best. I am sure they have enough resources for R&D.

  12. Anonymous

    DSTV must be on their knees….

  13. Bez

    Get Powertel internet installed @ $45 per month uncapped (same speeds as Zol uncapped -$150-180)…….with powertel u can live stream soccer matches in HD1080p….watch unlimited movies/series anytime……these Kwese & Dstv thingies are too much of a headache

    1. Arnold

      Stream live soccer matches from illegal channels?

  14. Tendai Samukange

    I have been with Kwese for about three weeks now. honestly as it stands, DSTV Compact package is way above Kwese. Kwese needs to improve on these aspects:
    1. Movies: Zimbabweans, and I believe, Africans have been fed on a Euro (Anglo)-American entertainment diet for time since TV reached the African continent. Yes, we need to appreciate other cultures but it seems to me that Asian (read Chinese/ Indian/Korean/Japanese) movies do not just have the same appeal as British or American movies to us. Kwese has far much more Asian than Western movies in their movie channels. To add on, the information about the movie when you press the i button on the remote control often leaves out important detail about the movie, e.g. year of production.
    African Movies shown on Kwese channels are almost all Nigerian movies leaving one wondering whether African means Nigerian. I know for sure that South Africa has a significant film industry and produces way better quality films in terms of picture and sound quality as well as accent of the actors. For many of the so called African movies on Kwese the picture and sound quality leaves a lot to desire. It would even help to have English subtitles for many of us to really get the gist of what the Nigerian actors will be saying.

    2. Documentaries: thumbs up to Kwese for Discovery Science, IDx, Odisseia etc, but I would like Kwese to include Discovery Channel, Discovery History Channel, BBC Earth Channel and National Geographic as well as National Geographic Wild Channels.
    3. For Kids Programmes and International News Kwese does a good job. However, Kwese needs to include a local/Zimbabwean News Channel, NOT ZBCTV.

    4. Sports: This is where I think Kwese currently is no match for DSTV. Only one English Premiership live match per weekend is just not good enough. Kwese do have club TV channels for Liverpool, Arsenal, Totenham and Man City at least but none of these club channels seem to allow Kwese to broadcast their matches live. Liverpool TV will only show you live video of supporters on the terraces and the live match is broadcast only as audio. I can’t be sitting on a couch for two hours listening to the radio on TV.

    Australian Soccer League, Brazilian Serie A or even the Argentine Super Liga should actually be selling points for Kwese but not the main soccer leagues for an African Audience. We need Spanish La Liga, The Premier League, Italian Serie A not Serie B, League 1 and Bundesliga not B leagues of these European countries.

    European Champions League and Europa League are a must for any TV network broadcasting in Africa. Kwese has nothing of it. The Morrocan, Nigerian, South African Premier Leagues would also add value to Kwese Sports. A twenty four hour exclusive sports News channel would also give busy viewers a quick update of each days major events.

    1. Anonymous

      This is a good comment

  15. Patience

    Pamberi neKwese.I think DSTV has got enough subscribers in its own home country and kwese besides being homegrown it is offering us a wide range of payment options ,better than DSTV.Kwese is just what Zimbabweans need right now.

    1. Arnold

      Usatanga nyaya iyoyo, Kwese is a Shona name but not a home based org!

  16. ian

    Thanks Tendai for such analysis.I needed it to decide.Kweses content is not for Africans.

  17. WeZaka

    taste differs, kwese fo me is a waste of my money. for a late entrant they could have matched DSTv or done better esp on competing with explora stb. how can be a slave for tv and at least with dstv i pause and rewind live tv.

    1. Jacktheswede

      Just the beginning. Watch this space. Kwese insider!

  18. David Panganai

    Its been three days Installers failling they are saying they cant get signal yet i got three other includind DSTV Running

  19. Johno

    Can you also download the latest news??

  20. Chris Mberi

    Kwese is as boring as ZBC but I subscribe because its local and it will grow

  21. Zvorwadza

    Kwese is a good alternative. Can they also place ZTV on board

  22. Ma1

    Kwese has no Audio channels i love listening to some classic and raggae music while chilling at home.

  23. James

    My Kwese is always on NBA basketball I’m in heaven. Thanks Kwese

  24. Mireille

    We are definitely leaving DSTV. Going to UHURU. Have installed it and very happy with choice. Even get live sport like rugby.

  25. Madzivanyika

    My choice now is Kwese not that its better than Dstv but method of payment suits us Zimbabweans right now

  26. Me

    Dstv has a lot of channels but I only watched max of 4. Moved on to Kwese all my channels are there no payment headaches and most importantly Kwese has vast potential and will soon eclipse Dstv. I don’t regret my decision. Soccer – well I prefer watching together with others.

  27. Edmore

    Kwese has no local content. It is too too American. I can not live without ZBC TV . So l am stuck with DSTV

  28. D. Hamilton

    So can a payment be made with a Barclays card at any DSTV shop. How come cbz touch we cannot make payment from phone anymore.

  29. Anonymous

    Kwese now I can view what’s happening in African contexts Thumps up!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous

    Its simple and clear, they diliberately excluded the much watched EPL and took advantage of the current challenges knowingly most will want to have access to something regardless of noyt having football, hatibve kuDSTV musanyeperwe can’t watch 1 game hakuna

  31. Annonymous

    munhu wese paKwese!!!!!!!

  32. George Gaviao

    Dstv u have forsaken us the rural folks. we are loyal we dont want to leave u, so pliz facilitate easy methods of payment for us.

  33. Godfree Mwale

    try Mobdro application for your android phone as long as you have data and wifi you never worry about TV but problem with Zimbabwean wifi if watch it scratched

  34. Dee

    Dstv is the way to go, i pay what i have, i watch e best on sports, kwese is stingy considering its an indigenous çompany, they should have offered muçh than what they have. Viva DSTV

  35. Cde Bazooka

    Kwese we support you take heed of our advice and improve on SPORT, ZTV and more indigenous religious channels

  36. Bothwell Mhonda

    Dstv you going to loose a lot of clients why don’t you accept ecocash payments. I’m rather choose Kwese Tv.

  37. Precaution Ruzvidzo

    You only (DSTV)have I known of all the service providers of the earth therefore I will not leave you.Mkomapreco 3 verse 2

  38. Louis Garudzo Kusereka

    Still to compare DStv and Kwese and will do with both.Payment to DStv is not a problem since Iam a Barclays account holder and fan pay on line.Kwese has started by annoying me by failure to install within 72hrs.They siting shortage of cables despite having supplied the other materials for installation.

  39. Anonymous

    DSTV has always been for the elite so they won’t be moved by the exodus

  40. John Kepekepe

    Kwese TV is easier to pay for. There’s US$ in the Barnet now so why struggle

  41. John Kepekepe

    Kwese TV is easier to pay for. There’s no US$ in the country now so why struggle

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