DStv Payment Methods November 2017

DSTV bond notes payments

Yes, as Zimbabweans articles like such are necessary.


How one is able to pay for their DStv subscription is necessary as it doesn’t work like how it does in a “normal” country.

As of today, November 2, 2017, these are the methods that one can use in order to pay for their subscriptions:

  1. NMB (Account holders and non-account holders pay with USD cash)
  2. BARCLAYS (Account holders only) [on the 1st of December]
  3. CABS (Gold and Platinum customers only)
  4. ECOBANK (Account holders only)
  5. FBC (Account holders only)
  6. MBCA (Account holders only)
  7. POSB (USD Cash only)
  8. STANBIC (Account holders only)
  9. STANDARD CHARTERED (Account holders only)

Those that are account holders are able to make payment using funds already in their account (RTGS/transfer balance), while non-account holders still need to bring hard currency in the form of US dollars.

If your bank is not listed above, and you have a bank account that can make online Visa/MasterCard payments then using the online portal is another option to make payments – Note that not all local banks are able to transact online, and those that are, have limits.


MultiChoice Zimbabwe,  the franchise holders for DStv in Zimbabwe, has stated that currently, they do not accept payments, as all payments for one’s DStv subscriptions goings through a financial institution and that money goes directly to MultiChoice Africa. It is the financial institutions that make the decision as to how customers can pay, they state.

The stance that MultiChoice has taken has given rise to Strive Masiyiwa-founded Kwese TV leveraging the ability of their customers to pay using “any method available locally“, including EcoCash, swipe and/or bond notes. This flexibility may give Kwese TV a quick boost to becoming the default entertainment option in Zimbabwe, albeit their lack of much sort after English Premier League may prove to be their Achilles heel.

What method are you using to pay for your DStv? Have you jumped ship to Kwese TV yet? If you have left, what was your main reason for leaving?

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54 thoughts on “DStv Payment Methods November 2017

  1. Dstv has a lot of channels but I only watched max of 4. Moved on to Kwese all my channels are there no payment headaches and most importantly Kwese has vast potential and will soon eclipse Dstv. I don’t regret my decision. Soccer – well I prefer watching together with others.

  2. Kwese has no local content. It is too too American. I can not live without ZBC TV . So l am stuck with DSTV

  3. So can a payment be made with a Barclays card at any DSTV shop. How come cbz touch we cannot make payment from phone anymore.

  4. Its simple and clear, they diliberately excluded the much watched EPL and took advantage of the current challenges knowingly most will want to have access to something regardless of noyt having football, hatibve kuDSTV musanyeperwe can’t watch 1 game hakuna

  5. Dstv u have forsaken us the rural folks. we are loyal we dont want to leave u, so pliz facilitate easy methods of payment for us.

  6. try Mobdro application for your android phone as long as you have data and wifi you never worry about TV but problem with Zimbabwean wifi if watch it scratched

  7. Dstv is the way to go, i pay what i have, i watch e best on sports, kwese is stingy considering its an indigenous çompany, they should have offered muçh than what they have. Viva DSTV

  8. Kwese we support you take heed of our advice and improve on SPORT, ZTV and more indigenous religious channels

  9. Dstv you going to loose a lot of clients why don’t you accept ecocash payments. I’m rather choose Kwese Tv.

  10. You only (DSTV)have I known of all the service providers of the earth therefore I will not leave you.Mkomapreco 3 verse 2

  11. Still to compare DStv and Kwese and will do with both.Payment to DStv is not a problem since Iam a Barclays account holder and fan pay on line.Kwese has started by annoying me by failure to install within 72hrs.They siting shortage of cables despite having supplied the other materials for installation.

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