“We’ve Never Accepted Payments” Says Multichoice Zimbabwe…

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DSTV bond notes payments

Over the last couple of weeks, Techzim has commented a bit on the cash crisis and how it affects various players in the economy, though of great interest to us has been DStv.

It’s entertainment ka!

Anyhow, we’ve commented from an angle as if the satellite media provider once used to offer a means for their subscribers to pay at their offices but all of a sudden they pulled the plug on that and have passed on the privilege to financial institutions, namely the banks.

In a recent sit down with Techzim, Multichoice Zimbabwe (their registered name is actually Skynet (Pvt) Ltd) advised us otherwise.

Multichoice state that they’ve never accepted payments, and the brief period that one could walk into their offices and swipe to pay for their subscriptions that was not really them but it was the banks trying to make it easier for their customers to pay.

Here’s their official statement on the matter:

Can you confirm whether Multicoice Zimbabwe have ever accepted payments?

MultiChoice Zimbabwe has never accepted payments for DStv subscriptions, but in the days before dollarisation collected bank drafts from subscribers for onward transmission to MultiChoice Africa. Since dollarisation, the service has been provided by financial institutions, which have the necessary national networks to provide this service and this making it easier for people all around the country to pay subscriptions at a nearby branch of a participating financial institution.

As you are heavily reliant on the banks receiving payments, what measures are being put in place in order for subscribers to stay connected to your service in the event that things go “south” in terms of payments?

We are constrained by the current forex situation and are continuously looking at payment options, which must meet the requirements of exchange control as this is an imported service. If we can add any such solutions we shall do so and advise subscribers accordingly.

We’ll continually monitor the situation and Multichoice have assured us open channels of communication for us to be better informed when commenting on such matters.


  1. Curb101

    That was a pretty short sit-down. Like you popped over to their offices during your tea break and barely had time for two questions before you had to hurry back.

    1. ras matopos

      Right. This item had nothing to tell us at all, even to explain why we have to pay extra kuma banks where we are forced to subscribe. The banks dont even want their charges to be paid in bond notes and yet they are the ones who disburse them.

  2. neolord

    Typical zimbabwean attitude – “It was not me”

  3. Mombe

    They shld close their business…. Where do we get foreign currency to pay for entertainment. Kana vasingade mabond kana swipe yacho ngazvivharane!

  4. Wellington

    Lies as late as 2015 l used to swipe in theIr offices up there in Joina,people used to pay there even with their USD