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3 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Steward Bank…

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As we wrote last week, Steward Bank is looking for skilled developers in the diverse fields of software engineering to collaborate with on some Fintech project – preferably freelancers. If you’ve been considering it (or not), I’m here to help you make that decision faster 😉

So, here are 3 reasons why you should be a part of that program.

1. Working with an established team will give you some valuable experience

Growing up, I was taught that “experience is the best teacher”, I still subscribe to that ideology… just maybe not in the way that most interpret but we won’t get into that.

Nevertheless, the idea is if you sign up for the Steward Bank initiative, you get to work on projects with the Steward Bank team.  I know in May this year, Steward made some new appointments and brought in some really interesting individuals on board. I believe that rubbing shoulders with these (amongst many others) will teach you one or two things you can then apply in your entrepreneurial venture.

Also, you get to experience the corporate scene, particularly for those who’ve been freelancing since. I know you could be content with being a freelancer and all, but it doesn’t hurt to experience the other side of things and then make a better informed decision.


2. It’s a chance to change things

I know for a while people were complaining about Steward Bank RTGS failed transfers. To be more precise, the month of July wasn’t so good for the bank and particularly on social media.

Growing up (yes, again), I was taught that instead of complaining about something, take action. Of course some ‘actions’ may not be too obvious, it might just look like there’s no way to help the  situation but hey, this one is! Here Steward Bank is giving you the opportunity to implement those ideas that you kept telling your friends that Steward should do, or better yet those brilliant ideas which you couldn’t implement due to limited capacity.


3. Earn bucks while pursuing your interest

Of course in as much as we hate to admit this for fear of victimisation, but money is important! In fact, some wise man in one of my favourite books of all times once said “money answereth all things”. Guess my stance on that is quite evident from the way I structured that statement (and of course by the fact that I chose to refer to it).

As I mentioned earlier on in passing, you might actually have a great interest in all things Fintech related. But as life has it, Fintech is not always a cheap interest, by that I mean it’s one of those that requires much resources to execute. When we talk finance, we talk something universally valuable and hence really requires some robust systems as far as tech is concerned and those don’t often come cheap or easy.

So, by signing up for this collaboration you not only get to pursue this interest “with all expenses covered” but you get to be paid for doing so! If that’s not a good deal then I don’t know what is!


Oh and I have an extra one…yep, I’m that generous!


4. Free to register

Well, I know this sounds like a ludicrous reason but it’s actually not. I will summarise this in a a few questions.

Do you lose anything if you sign up and not get selected? What’s better to sign up and have a 50% chance of being selected or to not sign up and have a 100% chance of not being selected? What’s the worst that can happen if you sign up? What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t sign up?

In essence, by it’s free to register I don’t just mean in monetory terms, but believe you me the registration process is simple and quick and thus doesn’t take much from you for doing it. You don’t believe me? Okay check it out yourself by clicking here.


In our next article we intend on answering your questions or easing your ‘fears’ as far as signing up is concerned. So to do this, I need you to tell me why you wouldn’t sign up for this or your fears concerning this initiative so we answer them in the next article.



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9 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Steward Bank…

  1. I applaud Steward for the initiative, even the whole Technites thing. my ony challenge with the setup is that when a system fails you like the article seems to imply, you dont just need a lot of foot soldiers but a whole strategy adaptation. It would have been lovely to engage not only coders / developers but also product designers. Jus saying

  2. Most of the applications are still pending and wats the way forward. We are stuck. Disgruntled parent

  3. Having gone through registration, it seems the exercise is aimed at freelancers……will see by their response or lack of it since no deadline for feedback was provided. Much like waiting for a “yes” from a potential girl friend!!

  4. love Steward has seen thy there is more than a degree certificate certification to ability when it comes to coding. those who can join soon it will result in work experience and a good job. this is an unofficial recruitment exercise based on knowledge rather than paper hooray for self taught programmers here is yo opportunity.

  5. Really interesting project, hope the developers are fairly rewarded and this platform is exclusive to software devs based in Zimbabwe. It should also be utilised as a platform to work with tech spaces across Zimbabwe to showcase Zimbabwes dev communities.

  6. Would developers gain from them, or will they gain from the developers…

    …just asking

    I would only be involved if they were buildiing a payment gateway.

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