USA Tells Zimbabwe To Drop USD And Use Its Own Currency


The past 10 years wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you!

“Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa”


Boy, am I tired of that statement. I’m tired of us reminiscing on the good old days. At least now thankfully, I won’t have to continuously endure the “lest we forget” statement that always used to be thrown at us each time some kinda propaganda needed to be pushed.

Nonetheless, now that we have a new government, or rather, a relatively new government, this has to change. In fact, if the President and his government are not selling us dreams; then from the way things are looking, we are moving in the right direction. The nudge from the United States of America also comes in handy at this time of ‘rebuilding the walls’.


So, the US government has encouraged Zimbabwe to have its own currency rather than rely on the USD. Not only has it encouraged the government to do so, but it has promised to help out through the process as well.

Of course USA has a point there, depending on other countries’ currencies isn’t ideal. However, the migrating to our own currency talk isn’t something totally out of the box because it was already a part of Mr President’s plans. In fact, Hon Mnangagwa spoke about that when he was still the Vice President, but now that he runs the show, excuses should be minimal.

Some might argue that getting our own currency now would be moving too fast, Zimbabwe isn’t ready yet; but the question is when will it be? It takes a bird to jump out the nest for it to learn how to fly. I know we’ve been that bird that flew too high at some point, lost balance and came crushing right into the ground… twice! So at this point, traumatic is what seems to best describe the experience and that could be the potential setback.

The economy is about trust and confidence and clearly that’s something we couldn’t afford a few months back, oh last month actually (already feels like ages back). But.. since the coup-not-coup happened, people’s hopes have been somewhat restored and the government should take advantage of this.

A few weeks back, Techzim wrote on how the ‘new’ minister of Finance and Economic Planning admitted to how the then government was responsible for the economic situation we are in. He mentioned how they had churned more ‘money’ into the system by simply adding non-existent figures into the RTGS system. A “fiat of a fiat” is what it was described as.

As naive as this is going to sound, I actually think that’s a good sign. Coming out clean on such a big matter isn’t something you’d just randomly do. To me, that indicates the desire to change. It also exposed the (hopefully) old tactics which probably means that they now cannot be practiced again since they’re now out in the open. But then again, this is Zimbabwe we are talking about, obvious things aren’t so obvious…

Anyway,let’s hear your thoughts: what do you think? Should we drop the USD now and start working our own currency???

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30 thoughts on “USA Tells Zimbabwe To Drop USD And Use Its Own Currency

  1. Pfidza has sharp mind, he knows our history well. Tell them more PIDZA. Hatidi Kukangawa chezuro ngehope.(Forgetting yesterday’s nightmare of bearer cheque, by one night sleep) Individuals used to open 6 or more months fixed deposits acc and withdraw upon maturity plus interest to buy a bicycle etc b4 early ’90s, but alas! its vice vesa even with USD. Spot on Pfidza. Tell the bornfrees. If this system of b4 early ’90s rolls again and guaranteed, then thumbs-up with zimdola.

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