[BREAKING]: NetOne Subscribers Can Now Register For EcoCash

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According to a reliable source, it’s now possible to register for EcoCash if you are a subscriber on NetOne. This has not been officially announced by Econet or NetOne but it is apparently working as we speak.

Interoperability wheels in motion…

This could be a move to comply with Supa Mandiwanzira’s directive to ensure all the mobile money platforms work together seamlessly by April of this year. When we reported on the interoperability of money platforms we thought the moves were a while away but it seems the wheels are already in motion. Telecel also confirmed that they’re interested in working with the other two operators so there seems to be a unity of purpose among the operators to get this achieved as soon as possible.

We are going to try register one of our NetOne lines and then give a rundown of how the service actually works on the NetOne platform.



  1. Patience

    I don’t think this is how it’s supposed to work. My understanding was that you remain registered with your network but you can now transact across. Meaning Netone subscribers register for one wallet but they can receive or send money to ecocash subscribers. Why should a netone subscriber register for ecocash separately?

    1. Bonz

      That is what l thought too

    2. AllMat

      Econet ine monopolistic mind…they always want to be on top of the game… ukada kuzvitarisa ecocash doznt zipit but all other mobile money platforms like onemoney l, telecash n mycash support thoz functions… they wanna create an environment whereby they are the leaders of the game… they wanna kip u in their systems

      1. Anonymous

        its calld bussiness , myb if ths other operators would up their game it wud b bttr

        1. illiterate

          Painful reading this

        2. ngoni

          what you forgetting here is that the thing you calling “its calld bussiness” affects the end user which is me and you, if econet has monopolistic powers like opec they will dictate the market. Every free market economy alwys has gvnt intervention, imagine if the gvnt did not subsidise or “rather intervene” in things like ARVs how many people would be dying right now, yes i agree maybe the other MNOs need to up their game, but always consider the end user

      2. Chenzo

        Who wouldn’t want to be on top of what they do? really guys even if u were also in business I know you would want to be on top so that you get the best share of profits. Mind you, to get a lion’s share you need a lion’s heart, a lion’s mind. Can you even imagine wildlife discussing and jackal saying aaah the lion has a monopolistic mind it just want to be on top of the game, true that thats why lion is the king of the jungle.

    3. purpledragon

      This wld be a stroke of genius. If netone customers are able to do ecocash transactions on their netone, what incentive wld there be for them to use one money, since ecocash is the defacto mobile money service in Zimbabwe. So even if they allow you to transfer funds from ecocash to one wallet, why would you bother when u already have ecocash on the same line. Obviously netone clients will use it more as ecocash than compared to one money. Netone in the end will still be staved of transcations

      1. Frank

        Well said

    4. Anonymous

      it is actually called one money now

  2. james


  3. wokenman

    Well – Supa asked for interoperability. But I’m sure this is NOT the result his comrades at NetOne were looking for – hahahaha!

  4. Strive Masiyiwa

    ECONET urikuda kungwara nhema. Hainyari

  5. Custon

    We shld be able to do transactions across all networks without any challenge not a netone user to register for ecocash. Netone gt one wallet so why register for ecocash when i opted using one money one wallet. You shld look into that.

  6. Rati

    Meanwhile, “NetOne realigns OneFusion brand” with Telecel Megaboost,


  7. Ruvimbo

    Probably you also get the mesaages despite that you are above 34 but instead of seeing the negative in that why dont you choose to see the positive? unless if u are leaving in a vacuum ,because if you are like me you can then get to also notify your relatives and friends who meet the requirements but might probably have not seen the messages and help out a soul

  8. TM

    I think i am totally lost. Is this interoperability in motion. What is this?

    To me this is the death of one money and telecash.

  9. Robert Ndlovu

    Netone will use its data network to access Ecocash platform.

    So they have just become Ecocash’s largest agent .

  10. Louis viton

    Purely business, I love econet, turning your threats into opportunities

  11. Alfred

    This is a good business move from Econet. Keep in mind that ecocash has more than 90% market share of the mobile money market, in other words all most everyone is using ecocash. So this just adds convenience to the minority users “Telecash and Onewallet users ” .This is how business works simple aim to dominate and make more money!

  12. Wellington

    Good Bye OneMoney thing Netone you are effectively Econet’s ecocash agent

  13. Osten

    To me the headline is the same as the one when first 3 banks started using RTGS system (interbank money transfers). It makes sense and the struggle continues jostling for market share. It’s convince for customer just like when banks embraced Ecocash despite it being a threat to conventional banking.

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