How NetOne Users Can Register For EcoCash

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After discovering that it’s now possible for NetOne subscribers to register for EcoCash we quickly went to an Econet Shop and indeed managed to register our line.

It took some convincing for the Econet assistant to take us seriously as they were in the dark but we managed to convince them to try and register our NetOne line. A few minutes later we were on our way with a NetOne line registered on Zimbabwe’s leading mobile money platform. We also managed to swipe from a card into the newly registered EcoCash account.

NOTE: NetOne users can only access EcoCash via the EcoCash Data App. USSD codes don’t work. This means you can’t access the EcoCash via the *151# menu.

This means if you are using a mbudzi(non-smartphone) you are not in a position to transact or even access the Ecocash menus. This may be addressed at a later point or maybe a solution is already in position and will only be revealed once either Econet or NetOne actually make the official announcement.

For EcoCash agents, the registration process is exactly the same as it was with Econet Subscribers.

We will be following this up with an article on how this move affects both NetOne and Econet! Stay Tuned…

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  1. Fafi

    Kwasara Telecel 😀

  2. Basil Mugweni

    Super app integration. Well done Econet & Netone.

  3. Zed

    So. I’m a Net-One post paid subscriber who is already registered on One Money. Does this mean I can register for EcoCash on the same line??

    I hope so coz that would be incredible as I will not have to open 2 different bank accounts. 1 for linking to my One Money wallet and the other to link to my EcoCash wallet. Well done Supa for nudging these guys in a direction that makes life easier for their clients.

    1. Lonewolf

      @ Zed, the timely response by these mobile money services do not indicate netone and econet did so because supa said so. I have a feeling both these companies were working on it behind the scence and supa being a politician simply wanted capitalize the moment as his achievement as minister.

      1. Zed

        @ Lonewolf, totally agree. The timeline of events confirms so.

  4. eyetoeye

    This solution still has its shortcomings especially that it only works with data network.
    What of the remote areas where data connection is not reliable e.g rural areas. How will users transact. These guys should just work on full interoperability not half backed solutions.

    1. Tinashe

      Well i think they’re working on that as well, thats why they call it development, we are at a lower phase and the next phase will come. Would you want to wait for the full system that will come after, say, 10 months or a “half baked system”?

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