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[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

Following Trevor Ncube’s tweet concerning what he perceived to be the leading online news publications, we thought it best to make a more inclusive list that has more publications.

The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 27 sites, covering their website viewership numbers as well as their followership on popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from being an interesting read, we also think the list will help inform readers/businesses on the sites on which to advertise their products and reach the widest number of heads locally. This list will be updated on a monthly basis and can be a useful resource to discover new content and also track how your favourites sites are performing.

Rank (previous rank)Publication/PlatformTotal Visits/MonthFacebookTwitterPages/Visit
1 (1) 281344 2124.12
2 (5)newzimbabwe.com2.02M89,4074 3622.43
3 (3) 064217 1012.95
4 (4)Bulawayo24.com1.70M108 94645 7003.68
5 (7)zimeye.net1.65M230 37424 8122.38
6 (2) 127186 1032.12
7 (6) 3347 7882.48
8 (8) 66548 8882.52
9 (9)iHarare.com670.37K139 2526 7093.61
10 (N/A)zimbabwesituation.com638.21K103 829N/A1.92
11 (11) 7173 6672.04
12 (17) 554101 4481.39
13 (10) 46232 9433.79
14 (13) 05634 0754.35
15 (14) 61649 6044.06
16 (15) 53093 9303.00
17 (12)263chat.com158.44K96 319298 5473.30
18 (16)thezimbabwean.co144.93K40 9018 2211.49
19 (18) 1689 4191.87
20 (21)pazimbabwe.com105.97K2 8722151.29
21 (20)* 050 21 2063.10
22 (19)3-mob.com59.81K8,640 14 3281.90
23 (22)zimbojam.comN/A55 739 101 896N/A
24 (23) 384 7 988N/A
25 (24)techunzipped.comN/A23 1312 784N/A
26 (25) 464 3 785N/A
27 (26)thefootballcult.comN/A6 651 509N/A
28 (27) 690 1 590N/A

In our efforts to make this list we tried to be as thorough as possible but if there are any sites that you are aware of that didn’t make the cut please notify us and we will continue to update the list. This month’s list now contains a previous ranking from the last time we released a list.

We added a single site ( this time around but if we missed any news publication you can always tell us in the comments below and we will add them.

[For the sites that have N/A under Total Visits and Pages/Visit, could not produce the required statistics. We proceeded to rank these using their popularity on Facebook. We chose FB over Twitter because it is used more widely in Zimbabwe and for most if not all sites on this list, their Facebook following is far larger than the corresponding Twitter fan base.]


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14 thoughts on “[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

  1. Fascinating Stats. Wikk u please add to the time dimension to add meaning. For example, the 2.5m visits for Newsday are for how many days,weeks,months….etc

  2. Aggregate site like zimsituation are affecting traffic… Like the way you did not mention pindula if your own site and the purpose of this article was to advertise that…. Which is fine

    1. Thank for your feedback. Yeah, it is perfectly fine because the traffic from Pindula is ranked according to perfomance so I don’t understand how a disclaimer would affect the list and there 23 other publications that are not affiliated with Techzim or Pindula so I’m sure those are being ‘advertised’ by the very same article.

  3. should not be left out – are you sure you have not mixed up with newsday?????

    1. Thanks for you feedbackSagittar. You might have been right to say 14 cause we recently added two publications, lol!

  4. for advertisers more statistics like the demographics of the visitors would be more helpful. It is also important to note the high bounce rate for sites like Daily News with lesser page views

    1. Thanks for your feedback. The list will continue to grow and diversify so we will look into adding more diverse stats as well.

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