Its Now Possible To Avoid Traffic Jams As Google Maps Now Shows Real-Time Traffic Data In Zimbabwe

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As Google becomes more and more a part of our daily life, it adds features that are very useful. Google Maps app is one app that is coming in handy to people as it helps them to find their way to places using satellite images.

Traffic jams are now a usual thing in Zimbabwe especially when it has rained and around 5 pm. Car drivers can sometimes take an awful 30 minutes stationed at one position.

Well, Google Maps has come to the rescue to help you avoid traffic jams. Zimbabweans will be happy to know that Google Maps is now able to display traffic conditions in real time on major roads and highways. With the ability to track traffic conditions, this app may slowly become integral in our daily life.

Google Maps has been in use in Zimbabwe for many years but this feature of showing traffic conditions was not available. Google has now silently added this feature in Zimbabwe.

How does Google Traffic work?

Where Traffic data is available, Google Maps can now help you identify which route to choose and how much time your trip might take based on current traffic conditions. To do this, live and historic data is refreshed regularly to provide you with accurate and timely estimates.

The service will show traffic bars for half an hour before and a few hours after the current time to help users on their journey. The App is able to tell road users which roads are busy with a show of colors that range from red (bad traffic) to green (good traffic/no congestion).

So, for instance, if for some reason someone at Joina City wants to go to Rufaro Stadium, Google Maps can now tell you that it may take an estimated 15 minutes, in current traffic.


To use this new feature, click the “Get directions” button on the left-hand panel. Then, enter start and end points before clicking the blue “GET DIRECTIONS” button.

You will then see suggested routes for your trip, as well as the distance between points and the length of time the trip would usually take without any traffic. Below this, you will see updated travel time information based on current road conditions. On mobile phones, you have to click “Satellite& traffic” and see the traffic conditions.

However, sometimes Google Maps will not provide accurate traffic speeds for a route and traffic conditions for some routes will not be provided.


  1. Wonder Sibanda

    Hello TechZIm,
    Can you or any body assist changing my gmail account into a custom gmail account please.

    1. L.S.M Kabweza

      Hey Wonder,
      Check out it’s Google’s paid service to enable you to have a type address

  2. Tapiwa

    Does it factor in the number of potholes on the route?

    1. me

      good question @tapiwa

  3. Bless

    It will be best if we can develop our own local app . Eg in SA they have an app called Waze . Users are able to update info on the app . The voice assistant gives directions using updated current street names. Users update info on the app with regards to potholes, cops, accidents etc

    1. WazeIsGoogle

      P.S Waze is not South African – It was founded in Israel in 2012 and guess who owns them now? Google/Alphabet. Yes the same Google you are trashing for adding a traffic layer on Zim maps.

    2. Jj

      Waze is a great app. Made in Israel though and now owned by Facebook, i think.

  4. Supernatural Java Programmer

    For pothholes it will require pothole algorithmkk

  5. Anonymous

    First things first sort out the roads and let’s teach ourselves how to drive.

    If only we could drive and respect each like what happens in our neighbouring country it will be really great.

  6. TeeCee

    First things first sort out the roads and let’s teach ourselves how to drive.

    If only we could drive and respect each like what happens in our neighbouring country it will be really great.

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