President Mnangagwa Made 234 Promises: ZimCitizensWatch Is A Platform To Track Them


Now that the elections are over and we now have a new (old) President, people are waiting for him to live up to the promises he made in his party’s manifesto, the pledge card, and other pronouncements.

In that regard, Sevio Institute has developed a platform called, where you can take track the fulfillment of promises the President made. According to ZimCitizensWatch Emmerson Mnangagwa has made 234 promises which he should fulfill.

Let’s take a tour of the platform

Upon entering the platform, you will be met by a page (as shown in the first picture below) where you will see a timer telling you the time ED Mnangwagwa has spent in office since his inauguration.


The 234 promises are classified into 8 categories (as shown in the first picture below) and in each category, you will see a scale (like the one below) that shows you the progress to the fulfillment of each category’s promises.

Furthermore, you will see the actual promises (as shown in the first picture below) that the President made.


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