Zimbabwe Has A New Same President, Our Job: Hold Him Accountable To His Campaign Promises And More


Finally the election results announcement has come. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been declared duly elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. He won the poll with a 50.8% of the total votes cast which secures him the State House.

President Mnangagwa was of course the incumbent having taken over the presidency after the resignation of Robert Mugabe following a military intervention which we generally call the coup non coup.

Mnangagwa’s party, ZANU PF also won  above two thirds of the parliamentary seats. This means they are effectively very secure in pursuing their policies for Zimbabwe. I encourage you to read their manifesto so you can keep them accountable for their election promises. You can check out this tool to get an overview of what those promises are.


Now we await the announcement of ED’s new cabinet. Is it going to be new same as well or will it have fresh faces? Who will be responsible for the ministries we watch closely here at Techzim: ICT, Media, Finance, Commerce?

Good morning Zimbabwe

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