Zanu-PF Vs MDC Alliance: Here Are Their Plans For ICT


Forgive us for seeming like we are going political but politics ultimately affect everyone including us. Whoever is going to rule Zimbabwe after elections will implement policies that will affect technology, finance, media etc

Zimbabwe’s two main political parties have released their manifestos, setting out what they would do if elected into government on July 30. So, What do Zanu-PF and MDC Alliance have to say about ICT? We have plucked out their ICT plans verbatim (and we didn’t even add a single word or letter). Here are their ICT plans;


  • Liberalizing the airwaves,
  •  expanding mobile networks
  •  Adopting modern technologies.
  •  Upgrading and expansion of backbone and core networks, towers, base stations,
  • Establish more information centers,
  • Establish a new International Gateway, connecting all government ministries, on Optic Fibres
  • Networking of central hospitals

MDC Alliance

  • Universal access to broadband and Wi-Fi service
  • Cloud computing services.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Block Chain technology
  • 3D printing
  • Internet of things.
  • Nano Technology

The MDC Alliance will ensure that the following services are available:

  • Online visa applications;
  • Online passport application;
  • Online voter registration;
  • Online access to ID cards, births and death registration certificates

The MDC Alliance government will implement an ICT policy anchored on the following:

  • Creation of an enabling environment for the growth of the ICT industry in the country;
  • Facilitating the introduction of nationwide free access to broadband services with special emphasis on rural areas, as well as high level training in ICT at tertiary institutions;
  • Creation of a single regulatory body for the ICT sector;
  • Creation of a new legal framework covering all the converged ICTs;
  • Ensure reduced costs of service delivery by promoting competition among service providers;
  • Expansion of the range of e-applications that are available, particularly in government, health, education, accounting, engineering and financial services.

The MDC Alliance government will promote the integration and use Block Technology in the following areas:

  • Finance and Banking.
  • Identity Management
  • iii. Asset registration.
  • Crypto Assets
  • Revenue Collection


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