Airtime Yese On Techzim: Stop Being Cheated By Tuckshops And Vendors

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So it would appear my colleague covered this a while back but I did not pay much attention to it until it happened to me. So about a week ago my Telecel Mega Bundles expired and I wanted to renew them as I use them for WhatsApp, especially WhatsApp calling something I cannot do with Econet’s WhatsApp bundles for some reason.

Since I only had cash I went to my neighbourhood tuckshop with my $5, put it onto the counter and asked for the $5 Telecel recharge card. The lady behind the counter said I needed to add $0.50 more as my money was not enough. I was confused and this must have shown on my face because she went on to explain in slow Shona, “Airtime inoita $1.10 mukuwasha

I took back my money in rage. Not only was I giving her cash which she sells to people at 9% premium for those who want to do Ecocash Cash out, I also had to put up with the fact that the airtime was in $1 denominations which would mean scratching each card and entering the very long string of numbers in order to recharge.

When I explained this to my landlord she laughed at my apparent ignorance. It would appear these vendors and tuckshops are claiming that airtime is in short supply-that does not even make sense. While Econet users can easily buy airtime using their Ecocash wallets subscribers from Netone and Telecel have to put up with this nonsense. As my colleague’s article date shows this has been happening for a while too.

You can buy airtime for Econet, Telecel and Netone here right now using Ecocash

If you are one of those people that are being duped of their hard earned money by these greedy people its time you put your foot down. Techzim Marketplace can help you use Ecocash to buy even Telecel and Netone airtime.

Buy airtime for your relatives in Zimbabwe using PayPal/Visa/MasterCard

You do not even have to be in Zimbabwe to buy airtime for someone. You can buy airtime for your relatives and friends back in Zimbabwe using PayPal/Visa/MasterCard and it will arrive in seconds. Unlike other vendors out there you can do so cheaply with us.

So as you can imagine I ended up using the Techzim store to buy my airtime. It’s so useful, even we use our own marketplace to buy airtime and you can too.

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  1. nicholas duma

    Vendors are not only vendors some of the are thieves who are after people’s cash.

  2. Worried

    You can’t use that experience 99% have not heard or seen this… And most banks allow you buy airtime hassle free .. instantly… Not to m supermarkets etc.. Why would someone buy airtime in USD…. You should divide by 3 as well not aknoacknowl the black market to your advantage

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      As you know our beloved government and minister of Finance have said bonds RTGS and Ecocash are at par. We treat them the same here too

    2. Garikai Dzoma

      The items on our store are cheaper than anywhere else

  3. Haha

    So why are you always complaining about the parallel market when you know they not equal… You should offer a much higher discount when in reality one USD is 3 bond… Why are you writing the finance minister to suit yourselves

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Every company is complaining because they want this to be official policy. We cannot and do not condone the black market. We have to use our voice so the government can see reason as this policy hurts us as well as you.

  4. Haha

    That’s by your own admission

  5. Worried

    Stop being cheated lol by who’ll actually need internet access first and secondly venders are giving 3% on cash. Furthermore in multiplemultiple articles by techzim the USD is not equal to bond. Don’t be created

  6. Haha

    How is it hurting you… You getting more 300% profit and giving a measly 3%. You using to your advantage. Just be open about it and offer a much bigger discount the uptake will be much higher .1 USD for 3$ airtime and you still making more than 20%

  7. Haha

    Don’t be fooled diaspora. I’m tired of these locals they using arbitrage with this fallacy of 1:1. The zim economy is not equal to the US economy. Take fresh in a box they charging 30usd which at the current rate is 100 bond. A 10kg bag of potatoes is just 16 bond .a kg tomatoes is just 2 bond… Send the money to your relatives and they will do the rest makes no sense

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