In Plain Language, What Is Happening With Kwese?


So Kwese TV is shutting down their Satellite TV and they released a confusing press statement that didn’t really explain what is actually going on with the service?

So what’s left?

The satellite TV is being shut down but Kwese Free Sports, Kwese Play and Kwese iflix are here to stay; what does this mean?

Kwese TV

Well, a few channels are remaining if you have the dish; it’s not becoming entirely useless. You will still be able to view Kwese TV’s free-to-air channels, religious channels along with free news channels. We are not sure of the exact number of channels that will be remaining but we will update this article.


This means your satellite dish is not becoming redundant overnight but it’s certainly less compelling. Fortunately, those who had already paid their subscriptions for November will be getting refunds so at least it’s not all bad news.

Kwese iflix

Kwese iflix is Kwese’s VoD (Video on Demand) offering. You can access iflix via mobile and they have a selection of series & movies that you access whenever you want. The major difference between VoD and the satellite service is that to access Kwese iflix you need internet access. We’ve talked about the Kwese iflix experience and what they are offering.

Kwese Play

Kwese Play is a hybrid-offering that offers the FTA channels along with access to Red Bull TV, NBA, YouTube, TED and Bloomberg. ZOL subscribers get to stream all this content at no extra cost but to begin using the service you have to pay an initial cost of $89.

Hopefully, this clearly puts into clarity what’s going on with Kwese and what this strategic review actually means for the consumer.

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